Oh! So That’s Why! Why Cafés Offer Water With Your Coffee

I feel like the world’s biggest idiot! One Thursday after running around doing jobs for mum, I went to a café, like I would normally do on a Thursday and ordered coffee. Anyway, I pulled out my computer as I waited for my coffee. Thursday is normally the day I get the most work done I have no idea why that is, it just does. I never totally understood why cafés offer water when you order coffee.

Anyway, I pull my drink bottle out of my backpack, taking few sips before I place it behind my laptop so it won’t get knocked over. My coffee arrived and I did what I normally did – work.

Moving on, between every few sips of coffee, I would take a sip of water. It took me a moment to realise something. A massive something. Because of the caffeine in my system, I should have been buzzing. I wasn’t. My nerves were fine and I wasn’t feeling like I was The Flash while vibrating through a wall. I realised at the last second, drinking water is like a painkiller would be to a headache.

The water stops the effects of the caffeine from causing the buzzing! I wish I had listened to people that have mentioned this to me before! Now, I will always listen to people when they say things like that. I feel like the world’s biggest dork right now!

So, water keeps you calm while caffeine acts like sugar? Who would have thought!

In the intelligent words of Flynn Rider,

“Who knew, right?!”

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