Gun Violence Needs To Stop Now!

Gun Violence

Gun violence sadly nothing new in the world, but America is renowned for gun violence. Every year there is an average of 13,000 gun homicides, with an average 96 people killed by a gun per day.

In Australia, gun violence is relatively low, especially after the 1996 Port Arthur massacre which saw 35 people die at the hands of a gun wielding psychopath with 23 people injured. Some of those victims were children, including Alannah and Madeline Mikac who died alongside their mother. Since their deaths, their father, Walter Mikac has campaigned to stop children suffering from violence and abuse. Mr. Mikac formed the Alannah and Madeline Foundation to honour the lives of his daughters and wife.

Since the Port Arthur tragedy, Australia has seen gun violence in the form of gangs seeking revenge. Also, Sydney came under the attack of a lone wolf attack by a lone gunman in December 2014, which saw two innocent hostages die inside the Lindt Café in Martin Place.

Now I don’t know about everyone else, but one person is one person too many. I don’t care about the gun lobbyists who say it’s vital that Americans have every right to ‘bear arms’. If you were fighting a bush fire, you wouldn’t light another fire to fight the first one, would you? Nevertheless, the same rule applies to gun violence.

Gun violence doesn’t just affect schools. It also affects families. Many families have guns out in the family home, either on display or for matters of self defense. Moreover, it should noted that 1 in 10 deaths are people under the age of 18, regardless if the deaths through crime, homicide or suicide.

Since the Florida shooting, students and parents have become increasingly frustrated that nothing is being done about the gun violence that has plagued America for years. Leading the charge to Washington D.C were surviving students of the shooting. They so rightly want justice for the classmates they lost. When it comes to American shootings, they stay in the news in America for just two days. Thanks to the thinking of the Florida survivors, they were able to keep the developments in the news longer.

Gun violence needs to stop. America’s gun lobbyists need to take in the fact that no other country in the world as the same amount of gun violence as they do. Accordingly, the stats of the decreased gun violence should be enough to show the gun lobbyists the facts.


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  • Myra Larsen April 2, 2018 at 12:17 am Reply

    Guns are not violent. Evil people are. One of Hitler’s first steps in controlling the people was to take away their guns, their ability to defend themselves. Look at the results. Also, if you take away guns, those evil people will find another way to slaughter innocent people. As I said, guns are not violent. They don’t pull their own triggers.

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