Why VistaPrint Is Great For Business, Part 2

In advance I must apologise for not bringing you part 2 of my Vistaprint review sooner. There were a few hiccups along the way. I’ll dive into them when I come to them. Without further ado, I bring you Why VistaPrint Is Great for Business, Part 2.

From Overseas

Unlike the first part of the order I placed, these pens were manufactured in The Netherlands. This was the reason they didn’t arrive with the first part of the order. While this is understandable, what comes next isn’t exactly what I expected.

Late Arrival

When it comes to the delivery, the second half of the order didn’t arrive when VistaPrint predicted. While the first half arrived a few days earlier than expected, this second half arrived a week later than the website said.

The day before it was meant to arrive, I messaged VistaPrint on Facebook to find out what was happening because I hadn’t received a tracking number. I didn’t even get a text from Australia Post. When they got back to me, they said, because the pens were coming from The Netherlands, the shipping was a whole other story then if the order was coming from Australia.

They told me to wait a few more days to see if it had come. By Friday, it hadn’t come so I messaged them back to keep them updated with what was going on. What happened next, I didn’t expect.

Free Order

The next day, I got a real surprise when I opened my inbox. There was an order placed, free of charge by Vistaprint to make up for the apparently unsent order.

Unexpected Arrival

After a morning out with mum, I was about to head to my computer to work on an article when I saw my dad come home. When he walked in the door, he handed me this big slab of cardboard. I didn’t even have to ask what it was. I knew exactly what it was.

It was massive surprise, given I had thought it had gotten lost in the mail. What took a while was me opening the bloody packaging. Getting the cardboard off was okay, but getting the pages out of the plastic bags was another drama.

Design Quality

The design quality when I designed the pens on the VistaPrint website were clear. They always tell their customers to ensure their designs aren’t blurry before they order them. My designs were the right scale and everything. They weren’t even blurry, or at least, that’s what the 3D model looked like when I previewed it.

When I actually got them, I was far from happy. The designs for both pens were BLURRY and whatever they used to print the design, started to come away on my hands! This was on the first pen.

On the second pen, there was a massive white scratch through it, which I know wasn’t part of the design. All in all, I’m not happy. Not one bit with how these pens came out. Even though they work fine, I’m not happy with the design or how cheap they look.

Future Products

The next time I order pens from Vistaprint, I’m going to order the more expensive ones.

Part 1 is here.

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