Why VistaPrint Is Great For Business, Part 1

Writing Platforms - Notebooks

Every writer has a horde of stationary. I do. There is a cupboard attached to my desk where I store all my spare stationary. Enough about my stationary horde. Let’s get onto the whole reason of the review. I had heard about VistaPrint from a friend and had looked into them. My friend told me VistaPrint did AMAZING business cards. At the time, I only had a look at the business cards and kinda dismissed everything else on the site. It wasn’t until I saw a photo from someone I follow on Instagram with a personalised pen for their business. I was curious so I decided to look into it as I L-O-V-E pens.

As I looked around, I remembered VistaPrint did business cards. Looking around the site, I was surprised they did stationary. I already knew they did banners and posters, but I didn’t know about the notebooks, notepads and the pens.

I decided to start off with just four items because I knew that if I didn’t like the quality, I wouldn’t order from Vistaprint again. As they always say, learn from your mistakes.

VistaPrint Items That Arrived

I got a text message from Australia Post saying some of my order would arrive. I was excited… until I got the red post card in the mail this morning. I had to physically go down to the local shop to pick it up.

When I picked it up, I had to wait an hour to open the package because I had to do something. Anyway, let’s fast forward about an hour and a half later. I sit in my mother’s armchair with the package and my staple unpicker (because I didn’t want to use scissors). I couldn’t believe how much packaging there was.

When I finally pulled out the first item, the notepad, sheer disappointment flooded me. I thought I was dealing with a pad of blank pages. I was ready to give the item a terrible review.

However, when I sat down at my desk, I realised that I had to remove the cardboard front and the first page. Talk about feeling the relief. Also, I immediately changed what I had written in my (thankfully) unpublished review.

What a relief! I loved the notebook! It was exactly what I designed when I ordered it!

What’s Next?

There’s still two more items that haven’t come yet. They’re the personalised pens I ordered. One has my website header and the other is for Follow Your Daydream. You’ll understand better when I get them.

Final Verdict

For my first order, I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. Despite the scare I had, I will be mindful the next time I order things from the site. I can’t wait for you all to see the pens.

Want to start your own VistaPrint journey? Go to www.vistaprint.com.au.

Part 2 is here.


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