Review: Need Assistance Managing Your Social Media Posts? Meet Hootsuite!


We all have social media accounts we just wish we had time to post to them on a frequent basis. I nuked a couple of mine just a few weeks ago when I was rebuilding my website. One of the exceptional objects about Hootsuite is if you set a date and time for your post to go live, you can just forget about it and move on and allow it to post when necessary.

Years ago while I was still at film school, I started a Hootsuite account. I never used it until I started posting frequently to my website. I came to the conclusion that it was easier to post links to my Twitter, Instagram and Facebook at the same time.

Today, I will be reviewing the free version of and I will be posting my findings throughout.

What Is Hootsuite?

Founded in 2008, Hootsuite serves as a vessel for social media users to post the same content to all of your selected social media accounts at a scheduled time.

Like with any social media management system, there are two versions. Professional and Free. I have the free one. Excellent timing too. I only have three social media accounts that are still active. Why is this positive? Well…

Professional v. Free

With the free Hootsuite account, you’re limited to just three social media slots. If you’re using a professional account, you can have numerous social media accounts. However, the price of having a professional account will cost you monthly. With the professional accounts, there are four different prices. The prices are listed in US dollars:

• Professional (1 user up to 10 social media accounts) – $25 per month
• Team (3 users up to 20 social media accounts) – $129 per month
• Business (5 users up to 50 social accounts) – $675 per month
• Enterprise (large teams custom solution) – contact for pricing

Tools for Marketing

Asides from its ability to help you keep track of your social media accounts, Hootsuite can also help you market your business like ever before. You can compile reports to view how your accounts are performing.

Before recently, Instagram wasn’t included with the social media platforms that could be linked to Hootsuite. In order to send your content to Instagram, you need an image attached. Also, you need to have the Hootsuite app on your mobile devices in order to post.

With the free account, you’re able to access basic analytics to your chosen social media accounts. You can integrate free tools, RSS and schedule up to 30 messages.

My Experience

When I first started using Hootsuite, I was a little skeptical whether the tool would actually help me manage my social media accounts. I didn’t use it for a couple of years before I realised, if I was going to take my website to the next level, I needed to have my posts get sent out via social media at the same time. By having Hootsuite, it has made my life so much easier.

As an avid Instagram user, being able to integrate my Instagram account to Hootsuite is simple as I don’t need to retype the caption when the image lands on my phone. I just need to copy and paste. Also, it saves me time when I have to manually go looking for the image! All I need to do now is focus on copying and pasting the text into the caption box.

Result – Yes to Hootsuite or No to Hootsuite

While I have only used the basic tools, which do me just fine, I am relatively impressed with Hootsuite and the stress it takes off my shoulders when I post links to my articles online.

To answer the question, yes or no, I would have to say YES. Yes to Hootsuite. While it takes time to get used to the interface, it gets easier though.

Want a piece of the action? To start your own Hootsuite account for free, go to:


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