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I can finally announce my big project. Since Creator was shut down, I had a mountain-load of Pop Culture articles that had nowhere to go. When I joined Medium in October of 2017, I found that it had a feature to create publications. I thought this was awesome and decided to give it a go!

After an hour, I closed it down because I didn’t have faith it was going to work, not to mention, I didn’t have enough rewritten content to make a go of it. When I eventually did go back and post my articles, I didn’t think anyone would read my work. Boy, I was wrong when I checked my stats pages! People were going reading and viewing my articles! Though, it wasn’t in large quantities. That was fine. As long as people were seeing my work, I didn’t really care.

Anyway, fast forward a few months and my publication is doing well in the stats department, though I only have a single follower. I know, I know. One follower isn’t great, but to me. One follower is H-U-G-E. One hope I have is that it goes up in the near future. I supposed the more I write and publicise on social media, the publication will grow.

My publication WonderPopCulture covers everything from television and film to comics to video games. However, I don’t know the first thing about writing for video games. I’m not a gamer and I would love it if people joined me on this massive adventure.

To Join The WonderPopCulture

If you’re interested in joining my team, it click the link in the menu above and it will take you straight to the WonderPopCulture publication. On the right side of the publication, you will find the contact information. This section will have the only means of contact; my email address. When emailing me, please ensure you mention that you’re enquiring about WonderPopCulture in the subject line. It would be a massive help.

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