I Look Like Kara Danvers! My New Glasses! – A Review Of Specsavers

After what feels like FOREVER, I finally got new glasses and you know what? They make me look like Supergirl’s Kara Danvers/Supergirl. I’m not saying that’s bad. I’m saying it’s excellent, and just time for the series premiere of SyFy’s Krypton. However, a story for another day, my friends.

Today’s review is for my amazing glasses, courtesy of Specsavers!

My family and I have been using Specsavers for years and I personally love it. They have a multitude of designer glasses, designed by the likes of Alex Perry, Colette Dinnigan and now, singer/actress Kylie Minogue.

Designer Glasses – The Past

For as long as I’ve worn glasses, I’ve almost always gotten Alex Perry designers. However, the last time I bought Alex Perry I barely wore them in favor of my Colette Dinnigan ones. Anyway, when I went to get my eyes tested, I wanted something else. There was one issue. All the fantastic looking ones were out of my price range.

Specsavers have always had a 2 or such and such price deal. For me, it’s always been the $199 range, which haven’t got numerous excellent designs. However, all the outstanding ones are in the higher price range. Nonetheless, I have excellent taste.

Designer Glasses – Current

Instead of a second pair of working glasses, I got prescription aviator sunglasses from Alex Perry. The glasses I wear all the time, are from Kylie Minogue’s new eyewear range.

The frames are black and in a similar shape to say, Clark Kent or Kara Danver’s glasses from the Arrowverse show, Supergirl. I love them! Ms Minogue was on the right track.

Overrall Review

My glasses are solid and sturdy and are simple to clean. I love they don’t have the nose holders on the nose part of my Kylie Minogue glasses. Goodbye mould!

I’ve only worn my Alex Perry glasses once as I believed I lost them. Turns out they were in my backpack. But, another story for another day. They’re amazing as they are stylish and functional. I cannot wait to see what other joys they bring me in the next couple of years.

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