Featured: VistaPrint Note Taking Photo To Appear On VistaPrint Website

Note taking

Well, it happened… again! I’ve been featured elsewhere on the internet! This time, a photo that I took of the notebook and notepad I ordered from VistaPrint. About a week ago, I got a comment from VistaPrint, asking if they could use my image as part of their marketing campaign. Behold! *points upward at featured image* The note taking photo in the screenshot!

Knowing I couldn’t pass an opportunity like this up to get my name out there again, I replied to their comment with the hashtag they wanted to me to respond to.

I haven’t heard anything about it and I haven’t seen the image appear on VistaPrint yet. Regardless, I’m glad that I got asked to use my image. Notwithstanding, I’m not getting paid, it’s an excellent privilege and I’m glad I took it.

Got a time when you got featured? Let Me Know Below!

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