A Walk Through The Country: Country Town Adventure Edition

Arygle Street

You would not believe how many people think living in a country town is down right boring. I can tell you right now, they’re wrong. Clearly, they’re city folk.

I don’t get much of a chance to walk around Macarthur’s small country town of Camden vey much, but when I do. I go all out. On the day I adventured, I was on a mission to find out why my printer cartridge wasn’t working, milk and I had to buy horse food (not a horse person). It was for mum’s horses. Anyway, I had to park somewhere I didn’t particularly want to park, because the place I wanted to part didn’t have any spot left.

As a I walked through the arcade where Cartridge World is located, I found many of the shops were either shut or closed down. I blame the high rent prices, but that’s a conversation for another day. In fact, there were more empty stores in the arcade then there were full ones. When ti came to parking, I had to park behind where my family goes to the dentist.

Part of my adventure landed me at McDonalds. Given the morning I had that day, I really needed the coffee hit and guess what? It worked. Also, MacDonalds was having a promotion where if you won, you got a year’s supply of McCafé coffee.

The little cafés I found where like something out the 60s or that CW show, Riverdale. They were out of the way and very quiet. Not to mention, they were incredibly cute. I’m practically drooling at the idea.

While I was waiting for the coffee, I watched people around McDonalds. One of my pet peeves is seeing people standing around looking like they were going to buy something when they were just standing in the way of the counter. I had to move around without being rude. I wanted to tell them to move, but I couldn’t bring myself to, afraid I would tell them off and start a scene.

What I loved about walking around Camden, I found all kinds of inspiration. Nonetheless, I zoned in on the surroundings around me. I found there was so much more to the little country town I have called home for almost 15 years.

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