Why The Almond Factor?

Glass Bottle Almond Milk

The decision wasn’t made lightly to begin The Almond Factor. Throwing up and gagging is not something your average person does. Oh no. I decided to begin The Almond Factor to show people who have misdiagnosed health issues that it’s perfectly alright and that there’s always an explanation out there somewhere. To begin this article, I just want to say: Almonds Win!

My recent visit to the doctor made me realise that there’s so much about whatever I have that I don’t know. Moreover, he suggested substituting full cream milk for a different milk altogether and see what happened.

When I got home, I told my mother what the doctor told me to do and even she agreed it was a good idea.

The first time I bought almond milk I went to Aldi and I had to look twice. There were like three different types so I chose the sweetened one. I am go glad I went to Aldi and not the regular supermarket where there’s an entire section of shelf dedicated to all the different milks.

The little adventure I had to the doctor made me really think about my issue.

1. How does affect me as a person and what can I do to make the situation better if I can’t rid myself of this ailment?
2. Is this an allergy or an intolerance?
3. How much of my diet will I need to adjust to stop the ongoing gagging and vomiting.

Ordinarily, the doctor told me to experiment with the milk to see how long I can go without vomiting or gagging.

So far, I have gone a couple of weeks without gagging or throwing up which is a good result. However, I did have an incident where I was drinking water and it went down the wrong way. Therefore, it caused me to throw up.

Nevertheless, I just to let you all know that these articles aren’t scientific in any way, shape or form. These are just my experiences. Almonds win!

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