5 Cafés Around Macarthur That Have Great Coffee

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Who doesn’t love a morning (or evening) pick me up? No, I’m not talking about alcohol. I don’t drink. Anyway, My go-to beverage is coffee! Until a few years ago, I wouldn’t even touch the stuff. I started going to cafés around Macarthur.

When I decided I wanted to be a writer, I believed the only way I could push myself to stay awake during the long hours when I edit – which my least favorite part of the writing process, but what writer enjoys it – was with coffee. Let me see a show of hands. *Crickets* Yeah, didn’t think so.

In today’s blog post, I give you a listicle of five of the places I often go to for coffee.

5. Cobbitty Bakehouse

For as long as I have lived near Cobbitty, there has always been a café there. Though, unti about two years ago, the café changed names and hands a number of times before the current owner took over.

The place is quiet, though it can get loud if you’re in there on a weekend. Also, the place is shared with a number of local businesses and the local primary school. The parking lot is tiny due to the available space. A vast majority of the time, you need to park on the street if you can’t find a place to park on site.

What I love about the place is their biscotti – the Greek biscuit with almonds and cashews. Yummy! I stopped going there because they hadn’t had any! I haven’t been there in a while and haven’t been able to find another café that sells biscotti.

The cappuccino is , the staff are so lovely and the chocolate on top of the cap has such an a-MAZE-ing! It tastes incredible with Biscotti. In fact, I don’t what chocolate is preferred: The chocolate topping here or at Coffee Gossip.

4. Gloria Jeans Narellan

My coffee journey started at Gloria Jeans Coffee in Narellan Town Centre. I still remember the first time I walked into the establishment. The strong smell of coffee beans made me sick to my stomach. However, I held it together and I got regular cappuccino. That was my first mistake. At the time, I couldn’t get through half a cup without wanting to throw it back up. I made the same mistake a couple of times before I realised, getting a regular wasn’t ideal.

The drinks are strong with caffeine, but plentiful all the same. I love the salted caramel latte, the caramel latte and the white chocolate mocha. The white chocolate mocha reminds me of orange zest, just without the orange part.

3. McDonalds Narellan

Who hasn’t had coffee from Maccas? I don’t get coffee there often. Mostly, I’m not a near a Maccas whenever I get coffee. They have 25 years experience with coffee and it’s definitely worth trying.

2. Coffee Gossip

Coffee Gossip is one of my latest haunts. I went there a couple of Mondays ago and it’s got quite superb coffee (in my opinion). Don’t pay any attention to the reviews you see online. It all depends on the person’s tastes. The chocolate that comes with the cappuccino is just as exquiste as the chocolate sparklings on the cap at the Cobbitty Bakehouse.

1. Coffee and Co

One of my all time favorite cafés in Macarthur is Coffee and Co at Narellan Town Centre. I always order a large Cap in a takeaway cup which I have while I work on whatever writing project I’m working on.

I’ve come to know the head barista and he knows my order. Only now, I tell them I have almond milk instead of regular milk. That’s a conversation for another post.


While there are other coffee places around Macarthur, these are just a few I’ve been to. I hope to visit others in the future. All coffee joints have their own way of making coffee. Similar to writing, there is no one way of making coffee. There are literally hundreds of ways of way to brew coffee. Bring on the coffee of the future is all I’m saying.

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