Do You Have Crunch Words You Subconsciously Use? Find Them And Eliminate Them With This Tool Within Scrivener!

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Do You Have Crunch Words You Subconsciously Use? Find Them And Eliminate Them With This Tool Within Scrivener!

Do you use a certain word over and over again when you write? Is your spell checker not helping you in making your work superior and helping you improve? Trust me, I have learned much in the last year about ‘crunch words’.

What Are Crunch Words?

Crunch words are those words that you use time and time again.

If you use Scrivener, there is a tool that can assist you find those words. You don’t necessarily need to cut them out, though you can reduce the amount of times you use them. When you begin editing, you can use the tool to find what words need to be changed with other words.

Don’t worry. Every writer has them. I have them and I wish I didn’t.

Where To Find This Tool

This tool can be found in Scrivener by going to the Project menu > Text Statistics > click the triangle in the word frequency section. Voila! A list of all your frequently used words.

Go to ‘Project’


Go into the ‘Project’ menu and select the ‘Text Statistics’ option

Once you have entered the ‘Text Statistics’ menu, select the triangle next to the bold text ‘Word frequency’

This is what will appear. Play around with the Word, Count and Frequency to find the option you’re looking for.

Crunch Word Tips

Found your crunch words, though don’t know what to do next? Here’s a few tips to get you started.
• Using Scrivener, using the search bar to find the crunch words in your project.
• If you’re unsure of what to do with your crunch words, try using a thesaurus to find alternative words. Note: There is no Thesaurus in Scrivener.
• Once you are aware of what your crunch words are, write them in a notebook and look over them when you need to.


One final note, while crunch words can be annoying, they can help develop a writer’s voice. Learning to eliminate them is key to becoming a professional writer. It is also key to developing skills in identifying words that just don’t belong in your project.

Want to know more about Scrivener? Find it at the Literature and Latte website.



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