#ItsAllComeTogether – The Official Opening of the New Narellan Town Centre Development

It was Friday, August 4th, 2017. At 9am Narellan Town Centre opened for another day of trading. However, this day was special. The day had finally come. It was the opening of the final part of the centre development. The centre official opened its brand new fashion precinct for the first time.

I arrived at the centre with about 10-20 minutes to spare. When something huge is going down, you need to get there early. Luckily, there was plenty of space for parking.

After a cup of coffee, I took a peek around before it began to get too busy. I didn’t need to wait long. I had my laptop in my arms and carrying it around would have cost me time. Before I went lookin’ around, I went and put it in the car before I went back inside.

The centre was bursting at the seams with people by the time I walked back down into the new part. Having been around busy shopping centres all my life, I have learned to duck and weave.

Yep. You read that right. Duck and weave. For anyone that knows me, will know that ducking in and out of crowds is something I know how to do. Being short has its advantages. I always thought it was a disadvantage, but apparently not.

As I walked, I went into two of my favourite shops, JayJays and Lovisa.

JayJays had moved to the new section since their shop space was too tight to squeeze into. Lovisa has stayed where it is. I spoke to the two lovely ladies who were working at Lovisa and JayJays respectively.

Anyway, I must have done at least five or six laps of the place. Each time, I would walk past H&M. At first, the line didn’t get any longer. As it got closer to 11am, that was when the area was nearly impossible to navigate. I needed a way out. I found alternative ways to get in and out without getting trampled! What a relief!

When it began to get too crowded for my liking, I decided to go home. Cramped places leaves me a little paranoid. Anyway, It was… enjoyable. Since the opening, I have been in the new section a few times and I love finding new places to explore in my little adventures.

The verdict?

I loved it! I love that the centre is entering a new era of shopping. It gives residents a chance to shop closer to home.


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