101 Fun Facts From Stargirl Season 1

101 Fun Facts

With Stargirl now having completed its first season, we thought we’d have a bit of fun and go over 101 fun facts.

Wow! Season 1 of Stargirl was just incredible! There were so many little hints at what is to come and little comic book nods that made so many of us go, “OMG!” We thought we’d dive into 101 fun facts from the freshman series.

[Please caution that this post does contain spoilers for the ENTIRE first season.]

#1: Sylvester Is Not Starman In The Comics

101 Fun Facts
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To begin our 101 fun facts, we thought we’d do one that not a lot of people will know if you don’t read the comics.

In Stargirl, Sylvester Pemberton is known under two superhero alias. The first is the Star-Spangled Kid while the second is Starman.

However in the comics, he was never actually Starman. He was only ever the Star-Spangled Kid. Ted Knight who is name dropped as the creator of the Cosmic Staff by Pat in the series was Starman. His sons Jack and David also held the title. There’s also a list of other heroes who take on the moniker, including Doctor Mid-Nite himself, Charles McNider.

In Stars and S.T.R.I.PE., Ted Knight offers the Starman mantle to Sylvester but he declines despite saying he would like the title.

#2: Icicle Differences

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Stargirl depicts Jordan Mahkent as a businessman going under the persona Icicle with full-fledged ice powers. However, did you know his name isn’t actually Jordan in the comics and that he actually doesn’t have abilities?

In the larger works of DC Comics, Icicle’s civilian name is Joar Mahkent and he was an enemy of the original Green Lantern, Alan Scott. Also, he actually didn’t have powers the way he does in Stargirl. He has a cold gun ray whereas his onscreen powers and icy appearance were taken from the comics version of his son Cameron who got cold abilities after being overexposed to his father’s weapon.

#3: Good Doggie!

101 Fun Facts
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Who doesn’t love the random appearances of Pat and Mike’s dog, Max? We certainly do! However, did you know there’s actually a couple of things about this pooch that are actually really interesting?

The first is actually a real life fact. Before being cast as Courtney Whitmore/ Stargirl, Brec Bassinger starred in the Nickelodeon series, Bella and the Bulldogs. Max being a bulldog might be a reference to that.

The second fact is Max kinda exists in the comics. We say this because Max’s name is actually Patton and he’s not a bulldog, but a Doberman.

#4: Tigress

101 Fun Facts
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Portrayed as sadistic and ruthless like her husband and partner, Lawrence “Crusher” Crock/Sportsmaster, Stargirl is not the first time Paula Brooks/Tigress has appeared onscreen. In the series, she and Larry have a daughter, Artemis who is equally as sporty as they are and competitive.

The character also appears in the animated series, Young Justice but under the name Paula Nguyen-Crock who was once known as Huntress where she is estranged from her husband. Unlike her appearance on Stargirl, Paula and Crock have two daughters, Artemis and Jade and a granddaughter, Lian. She was also Vietnamese.

In the comics, Paula isn’t of Asian descent. She is Caucasian and originally went under the moniker of Huntress before it was later changed to Tigress.

The costume Paula is seen wearing in Stargirl is a nod to the one worn by her daughter Artemis in the comics as the third Tigress. It should also be noted that Brooks’ ethnicity in the show is a reference to the character’s ethnicity in Young Justice.

#5: Courtney Doesn’t Find The Cosmic Staff In The Comics

Courtney; legacies
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Despite Courtney finding Starman’s cosmic staff in the television series as being something Pat had been keeping in their basement, this actually is not the case in the comics.

During the Stars and STRIPE comic which introduces Courtney, she finds the converter belt that was once worn by Sylvester Pemberton before his death. She wore the belt just to annoy Pat in revenge for marrying her mother.

Courtney is given the Cosmic Staff which is known as the Gravity Rod in the comic storyline after she joins the JSA. The Gravity Rod was wielded by Jack Knight, the son of Ted Knight before Courtney is given the weapon.

#6: Joey Zarick Is An Original Character… We Think

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He might’ve been killed by Icicle as a way of getting his father, William to comply with Project New America, but believe it or not, Joey Zarick doesn’t have a comics counterpart. In the comics, his dad who is the supervillain, The Wizard doesn’t have a wife or son. Also, his name isn’t William Zarick, it’s actually William Zard.

Whether Joey was created solely to be killed off is unclear, but it’s obvious that his death was used to show Courtney that even a superhero can’t save all lives.

#7: Dragon King And Dr Ito Are Two Different Characters In The Comics

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A fact we didn’t know until Stargirl, Dragon King and Shiro Ito were actually two different characters in the comics. We weren’t familiar with these two characters at all before the series.

The comics version of Dragon King was a scientist during World War II with his first appearance being in All-Star Squadron #4 which released in December 1981. His appearance in the Stars and STRIPE comic series revealed that he also had a daughter, Cindy Burman who follows in his villain footsteps and becomes Shiv.

Dr Ito once survived Adolf Hitler but his first name was never revealed. He was known to be involved with espionage. He had at least two aliases he operated under, but he got found out.

#8: Sherman And Beverly Hills

101 fun facts
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In the Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E. comic which sees Courtney’s introduction, the school that she attends in California is not Sherman High as it is in the series. She went to Beverly Hills High and lived in Beverly Hills before her mother marries Pat.

Also, Sherman is the name of the Principal of Blue Valley High in the comics.

In Stargirl, Courtney attended Sherman High in Los Angeles before Barbara and Pat got together. The principal of Blue Valley High in the show is Anaya Bowin, a member of the Injustice Society, the wife of the OG Fiddler, and the overbearing mother of Isaac Bowin.

#9: The Mahkents

101 Fun Facts
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We’ve already covered the differences with Icicle, but there’s another fact we wanted to cover, this time, with the Mahkents. In the Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E comic series, Courtney goes up against Cameron Mahkent who is going under his father’s moniker. However, his father isn’t actually present in the story and is only referenced as being a bank robber and as ‘weak’ by his son.

In the series, Cameron is one of Courtney’s classmates who has a massive crush on her with the feeling being mutual on Courtney’s part. He doesn’t know that his father’s massive secret is wanting to control a portion of America nor does he know he may have the same abilities as his dad. He and Henry King Jr are amalgamations of Josh Hamman who was a jock, the boyfriend of Cindy Burman, and the love interest to Courtney in Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E.

Cameron serves as the love interest to Courtney in the show.

#10: Henry King Jr/Brainwave Jr

redemption arc; 101 fun facts
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Henry Jr has come a long way since the Stargirl pilot episode. He went from being a bully to a hero who sacrificed his life to his newfound friends in the JSA. However, he didn’t actually play a part in the Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E comic series. He and Cameron Mahkent can be considered amalgamations of Josh Hamman who was a jock, Cindy’s boyfriend, and Courtney’s love interest in the comic.

Henry is a jock and Cindy’s boyfriend at the beginning of the series.

#11: Josh Hamman

101 fun facts
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Believe it or not, Courtney’s love interest in the Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E. comic series was not Cameron Mahkent. When the character debuted, she set her sights on Josh Hamman, Blue Valley High’s resident jock and Cindy’s boyfriend.

However, the character is simply a background character who appeared in the pilot episode of Stargirl. He is at the drive-in where he is harassed by Henry Jr and his jock pals. Josh also appeared in the ‘Wildcat’ episode during Yolanda’s school presidency speech when Cindy sends the entire school her nude photos.

Henry King Jr and Cameron Mahkent can be considered amalgamations of Josh. Henry is seen the jock and Cindy’s boyfriend while Cameron is Courtney’s love interest.

#12: Mary Kramer

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In Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E., Courtney meets Mary Kramer on her first day at Blue Valley High and learns she has lived in the town her whole life. She is also one of the few people outside of Pat that knows that her BFF is the Star-Spangled Kid.

However in Stargirl, Mary is seen twice in the pilot episode. Once at five years old on Christmas Eve and the final time ten years later to say goodbye to Courtney before she moves to Blue Valley. In the show, she is depicted as Courtney’s best friend from her childhood.

#13: S.T.R.I.P.E.

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Pat’s S.T.R.I.P.E. armour plays a massive role in Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E. but only plays a minor part in Stargirl.

Pat explains in the ‘S.T.R.I.P.E.’ episode that he built the robot to help Rex Tyler in his search for the Injustice Society. However, he told him he had to go in alone so the armour went untouched for years. Dugan is forced to use his creation to save Courtney from Brainwave which is the first time he’s ever used it.

In the comic story, it appears Pat has used the robot before he even crossed paths with Courtney and Barbara.

#14: Half-Day

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In the ‘Wildcat’ episode, Courtney is seen wearing a yellow and black striped t-shirt with Half-Day written on it. This is a callback to the Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E comic to Courtney’s first day at Blue Valley High where she tangles with Principal Sherman and Cindy. The shirt in the episode is identical to the one in the original source material.

#15: Rex Tyler/OG Hourman

101 fun facts
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The episode ‘Hourman and Dr Mid-Nite’ depicts Rex Tyler as a loving father to his son, Rick. He is also seen to be a car enthusiast, a trait that rubs off on his son in his teenage years.

This is quite opposite to the version of Rex in Legends of Tomorrow who comes off critical and warns the Justice Society not to board the Waverider.

However in DC Comics, Rex is an absent parent and is critical of Rick. Despite this, his son takes up the mantle of Hourman in his dad’s honour during Crisis on Infinite Earths.

#16: Absent/Deceased Parents

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There seems to be a pattern with the parents of the kids in Stargirl where one is either deceased or missing from their lives. Examples include:

  • Cameron’s mother, Christine died of cancer
  • Courtney’s father, Sam is absent from her life until he reappears
  • Rick’s parents, Rex and Wendi both were murdered by Solomon Grundy
  • Cindy’s mother accidentally died at the hands of her daughter
  • Henry Jr’s mother, Merri was murdered at the hands of her husband, Henry Snr
  • Mike’s mother’s status is unknown
  • Isaac’s father, The Fiddler is MIA
  • Isaac’s mother, Anaya is dead
  • Cameron’s father, Jordan is now dead after he was run over by Mike

#17: Yolanda’s Connection To The Wildcat Mantle

Yolanda; 101 Fun Facts
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Stargirl sets Yolanda up as once being popular and a model student amongst her peers. However, her life comes undone when semi nude photos were leaked by Cindy Burman to the entire student body. She becomes Wildcat after being inspired by Courtney and the desire to change the outcome of what her life has become.

In the ‘Wildcat’ episode, a photo can be seen at the beginning of the episode of a man boxing. We assume this is Ted Grant.

However, in the comics, Yolanda actually has a direct tie to the Wildcat mantle while she doesn’t in the series. Her comics counterpart is the goddaughter of the original Wildcat, Ted Grant.

#18: Mike

101 fun facts
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Stargirl depicts Pat’s son, Mike as being charming and the comedic presence of the Whitmore-Dugan family. He also breaks our hearts at various points. While much of his and his dad’s past is unknown, he has mentioned that something bad went down and it became just the two of them. However, his depiction in Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E. is very different to what we’re familiar with.

In the comic series, Mike appears in Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E. issue seven after having been referenced by his father a couple of issues earlier. In the story, he is off at military school before he joins his family. He and his father are estranged while they are not in Stargirl.

So, in the series, Mike does not attend military school, he has a love-hate relationship with Courtney, he loves sugary foods and walks all over his father.

#19: Hourman’s Strength

101 fun facts
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Moving onto fact 19 of our 101 fun facts, Stargirl fans will know that the hourglass that was invented by Rex Tyler granted him and later, his son Rick super strength for an hour a day. However, in the comics, there was an extra component to their abilities.

Rex used a drug called Miraclo to enhance his abilities.

#20: Matt Harris Is Actually Matthew Tyler In The Comics

101 Fun Facts
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Stargirl depicts Matt Harris as Rick’s maternal uncle who hates him because he was given custody of his nephew by his sister, Wendi and brother-in-law, Rex before their deaths.

In the comics, however, Matthew Tyler is actually a robot created from Rex Tyler’s DNA.

#21: Hawkman Almost Appeared

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It’s been no secret that Hawkman was a member of the original JSA. However, did you know he actually almost had a cameo? As point 21 of our 101 Fun Facts, we wanted to include this one because it was simply fascinating.

In an interview on Facebook, the actors behind the ISA revealed there were multiple versions of the opening OG JSA versus ISA fight (in the pilot) shot but some scenes didn’t end up in the final episode. One of those scenes happened to be a cameo from Hawkman.

From what the actors recalled, Hawkman was supposed to fly past Pat as he runs into the house to find Sylvester. However, the shot was cut. If we had to guess, the reason was to show only JSA members who would later get successors in the form of Courtney, Yolanda, Rick, and Beth.

#22: Sylvester Never Came Back To Life

star question; 101 fun facts
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For fact 22 of our 101 fun facts is the biggest surprise that we got at the end of the first season which was the return of Sylvester Pemberton. While it’s up in the air as to whether it really is Starman, it should be noted that Sylvester is very much dead in the comics and doesn’t come back from the dead the way other characters have.

During the virtual New York Comic Con panel, Geoff Johns stated that we will get an inkling of what role Sylvester will play during the second season premiere.

#23: Sam Came Back In The Comics

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Onto fact 23 of our 101 fun facts!

Throughout Season 1, we see Courtney come up with the conclusion that her father was Starman. However, her heart is shattered when Sam Kurtis suddenly shows up after 10 years and he cons her out of her beloved locket. This moment makes her realise that Pat was always more of a father to her.

In the comics that succeed Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E, Sam does return but is in prison. Courtney confronts him over his crimes and work with the Royal Flush Gang where she denounces herself that she is no longer his daughter.

#24: The ISA Never Tried To Brainwash The Adults Of America

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If you’re familiar with the Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E comic series, you may recall that the ISA’s plan was to brainwash children.

However, in the show, the plan is to control the brains of the adults in at least five states of America. When Henry Jr is killed during a fight, his father believes he absorbed his son’s powers which makes him stronger than before.

Because of this added power, Brainwave’s range expands allowing him to control 100 million adults across 25 states. However, of all these people 25% were to die because their minds would prompt them to resist Brainwave’s control.

#25: Courtney Takes The Items Of The JSA Members That Were Present During The Fight In The Opening Sequence Of The Pilot Episode (Except One)

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For fact 25 of our 101 fun facts, we have this doozy. During the early episodes of the season, Courtney ‘steals’ the JSA suits of many of the dead members. However, there’s a little more to this than you might think.

The artefacts Courtney stole include:

  • Hourman’s suit and hourglass.
  • Green Lantern’s lantern.
  • Wildcat’s suit and cowl.
  • Starman’s suit (which was in Pat’s possession).
  • Doctor Mid-Nite’s suit and goggles (containing Chuck) – Hootie the owl remains at the JSA HQ.
  • Johnny Thunder’s pink pen.

Believe it or not, 95% of the original owners were involved in the series’ opening fight. The only one who wasn’t involved in the fight with the ISA was Johnny Thunder.

There were also members of the OG JSA that didn’t have their items taken. These were:

  • The Flash
  • Doctor Fate

It is unclear if Hawkman, Hawkgirl, and Sandman had items.

#26: What Happened To Cameron’s Mother?

[Credit: Stargirl Wiki]

For number 26 on our list of 101 fun facts, we thought would add a fact about Cameron’s mother and Jordan’s wife, Christine. Now, we know from the ‘Icicle’ episode that she dies of cancer when her son is only a child. It’s also apparent that she knew who her husband was Icicle.

However, in the comics, Cameron’s mother is relatively unknown. The only information that we have on her is that she died in childbirth which lead her son to be raised by his father.

In Stargirl, it’s clear that she survives childbirth and sees her son grow up until she dies a number of years later. The whole reason for her death was see how far her husband was pushed to create Project New America.

#27: Henry Jr’s ‘Revival’ In Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E Part 2 Plays On The Superhero Trope Of Resurrection

101 fun facts
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Here’s fact 27 of our 101 fun facts! If you’ve read comic books, then you’ll know there’s a common theme: resurrection. This has become a typical trope for years and it is often overused. In Stargirl, death is treated as something that is permanent. Just the first season alone was full of deaths, mostly on the side of the ISA.

However, the death of Henry King Jr was one of the more gut-wrenching scenes in the whole season. He went from being the school bully to someone who wanted to change. As we became accustomed to seeing him slowly become a hero, it was cruelly ripped away from us. This was done in a way that showed how the trope doesn’t need to be overused.

Henry’s death hit everybody in the feels especially his new friends which includes ex-girlfriend Yolanda who is left devastated. In ‘Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E Part Two’, we got the shock of our lives when Henry shows up in the tunnels.

To our devastation, it’s not actually Henry. His father, Brainwave took his son’s form to get Yolanda to lower her guard enough to take him to her friends so he can kill them. This ultimately fails on his part as he says ‘your friends’ and not ‘our friends’. Montez realises the mistake and slashes him across the throat which kills him.

Having Henry be used (from beyond the grave) as a ploy get Yolanda to lower her guard was a smart move. This plays on the idea that resurrection is possible but should only be used in extreme cases.

#28: Courtney and Barbara Were Named After Two Women Close To Geoff Johns’ Heart

deadbeat; 101 fun facts
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For fact 28 of our 101 fun facts, we thought we’d include something from behind-the-scenes.

It’s a well-known fact that DC Comics loves to have characters with the same first name. We’ve had multiple Marthas, Jonathans, Catherines (sometimes spelt with a “K”), but what about Barbaras? There’s a number of them, but for anything Stargirl related, there’s a good reason behind it.

Barbara Whitmore was named after Stargirl creator, Geoff Johns’ mother while Stargirl herself, Courtney was named after his late younger sister who was killed in a plane crash in 1996. You can read about Courtney Johns’s tragic story here.

#29: Pat’s Goggles

For fact 29 of our 101 fun facts, we wanted to point out that the goggles Pat is seen wearing prior to Mike’s school calling him in the ‘Icicle’ episode is a nod to Jack Knight, the second Starman in the Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E comic series.

Jack and his brother David succeed their dad as Starman.

#30: Ted Knight

[Credit: Looper]

During the second episode of Season 1, entitled S.T.R.I.P.E. Pat explains to Courtney that he doesn’t know how the Cosmic Staff works because Sylvester never built it; Ted Knight did. Now, if that names sounds familiar, you’d be right.

Ted Knight was the original Starman in the comics and was succeeded by his two sons, Jack and David.

How Ted built the staff and how and when it ended up in Sylvester’s hands is unknown. Our theory (which we’ll cover at a later date) is that perhaps Sylvester was given the title of Starman from Ted which prompted him to retire as the ‘Star-Spangled Kid’ alias he used as a teenager. This would be similar to how Courtney became Stargirl and ended up with the gravity rod in the comics.

#31: Yolanda and Beth Die In The Comics


Who doesn’t love Beth Chapel and Yolanda Montez? These two ladies kick some serious ass when they’re suited up as Doctor Mid-Nite and Wildcat, respectively. But, did you know these two superheroes were actually killed off super early in the comics?

In the comic run of JSA (which was co-written by Geoff Johns), Yolanda was killed by Eclipso and her cousin, Alex vows revenge for her death but he takes on the power and he ultimately commits suicide when Eclipso overpowers him.

Beth in the comics is a doctor (like her mother in the show) who later becomes Doctor Mid-Nite. During a mission given to her by the government alongside Yolanda (as Wildcat), she is sent to fight Eclipso but is killed in action.

#32: Joey’s Death Serves As A Wake Up Call To Courtney

awaits; 101 fun facts
[Credit: Stargirl Fandom]

Joey Zarick’s short appearance in the series has more impact than people may expect. He was the first person at Blue Valley High to actually be nice to Courtney and his death at the hands of Icicle really pushes her determination to be a better hero.

What’s ironic about the way Joey dies is that the same fate awaits Icicle at the end of the season.

Brec Bassinger who plays Courtney said in an interview that Joey’s death serves as a wake up call and that no one is safe.

#33: Icicle And Joey Die The Same Way

Death is treated as permanent in Stargirl or at least, it was until Sylvester showed up at the end. Anyway, Believe it or not, Starman’s killer, Icicle and his first modern day victim, Joey Zarick both die the same way.

In the episode, ‘Icicle’, Jordan kills Joey to get William Zarick to comply to follow Project New America. Icicle ices over a bridge which almost throws the school bus off it which is travelling back to Blue Valley High after the talent show.

Despite Courtney and Pat saving the students and the bus, Joey is hit and killed by an out of control car.

In the season finale, Icicle himself is hit by Mike, driving Sir Justin’s truck which makes it karma. However, there’s a difference. We see Jordan get hit and killed whereas with Joey we don’t. We only see this from Courtney and Pat’s perspectives.

#34: Jakeem

[Credit: YouTube]

There has been a number of small references of potential JSA candidates across Season 1. One of these was Jakeem as mentioned in the episode ‘Wildcat’ by Mike.

In the comics, Jakeem is Jakeem Thunder who wields the thunderbolt and serves as the successor to Johnny Thunder.

Throughout the season, there is constant sightings of a pink pen that is often heard giggling. Courtney makes fun of the the idea of the pen actually being dangerous despite Pat telling her how deadly it is.

#35: The Black Panther Reference

[Credit: TENOR]

In the episode, ‘Wildcat’ Yolanda Montez becomes the second Wildcat, succeeding the late Ted Grant. When she puts the cowl of the suit on, the suit contorts to her body in a very similar way that the Black Panther suit does to T’Challa in the Marvel movie, Black Panther.

#36: 1941 Siegel Way

At the beginning of the episode ‘Hourman and Doctor Mid-Nite’, we see Rex Tyler send Pat his notebook containing a code that his son, Rick would decipher years later. The address on the envelope might seem random but it’s actually an Easter egg.

The name of the street Pat lives on is Siegel Way. ‘Siegel’ is the last name of Superman creator, Jerry Siegel. The number at the beginning of the address is 1941 which a nod to the year All Star Comics Issue #3 came out which was the comic in which The Justice Society of America debuted as a group.

#37: Courtney Johns

[Credit: The Sun]

Stargirl would not have been possible without Courtney Johns. For fact 37 of our 101 fun facts, we wanted to point out that the photo above is seen on the bulletin board in Courtney Whitmore’s room throughout the whole first season. The girl in the jumper is the real Courtney, the late sister of creator Geoff Johns. You can read Courtney Johns’ tragic story here.

#38: “Don’t Look At Me, I Took French.”

101 Fun Facts
[Credit: Stargirl Fandom]

Now, the line of dialogue by Cameron in ‘Brainwave’ during the Whitmore-Dugan-Mahkent family dinner might seem like a throwaway line, but if you know Icicle’s comic book origins, it’s not too far-fetched.

In the comics, Joar Mahkent (Jordan’s comic counterpart) is European. Cameron jokes he took French at school so he doesn’t understand his father and grandparents’ evil grace which is said in Norwegian. Norway is also a European country.

#39: Chemistry Seems To Be A Big Deal

Now, for fact 39 of our 101 fun facts, this one didn’t come to us until we re-watched ‘Hourman and Doctor Mid-Nite’. When Courtney, Beth, and Yolanda find Rick at Cindy’s Halloween party, they explain who his dad was; the original Hourman.

Rick questions what the hourglass does and what’s so special about it. Beth explains that Rex invented it and it gave him super-strength for an hour everyday. This is where she declares he was an amazing chemist. She even says that the hourglass only worked for Rex as it was tied to his DNA.

Funnily enough, this is not the first reference to chemistry (as a subject) that is made. In ‘Shiv Part One’, Courtney is forced to team up with Cindy during a science experiment and the pending supervillainness does not even need to look at the instructions.

Courtney questions her about this and is told that Cindy’s dad (Dragon King) would purposely leave the cupboards unlocked when she was growing up and they would do science experiments together, including the one Courtney and Cindy are doing in their class.

#40: The New JSA Are Currently Mostly Female

[Credit: TV Fanatic]

Remember all those times where a lot of superhero/villain teams were made up of males? We’ve had the original Avengers team (in the MCU) which was primarily all men with a single woman; Black Widow. The original lineup of the Justice League included just Wonder Woman as its only female member (look at the JL movie as an example). We could go on.

In Stargirl, the original lineup that we know of for the Justice Society had only Hawkgirl as the only woman on the team. However, the new JSA is looking very different to what we had originally.

When Courtney reboots the JSA, she is the first female leader and recruits Yolanda as the new Wildcat (Ted Grant’s successor), Beth as the new Doctor Mid-Nite (succeeding Charles McNider), and Rick as the second Hourman and successor to his father, Rex in the mantle.

There’s a likely to be a few extra additions to the team in Season 2 as they are likely to explore the green lantern and the pink pen. If we had to guess, we may get someone to wield the lantern who is possibly female. The only two female Green Lanterns that we’re aware of are Jessica Cruz (the more famous female lantern) or Jennifer-Lynn Hayden (possibly Jenny Williams in Stargirl).

#41: Traumatic Sound Effects That Indicate Painful Past Events

If you listen carefully to the audio throughout various episodes of Season 1, you might pick up on a pattern. There is a theme of sound effects that hint to traumatic past events in some of the characters’ pasts.

The first one we hear if the decline of Christine Mahkent’s heart monitor when she dies in the flashback in the ‘Icicle’ episode. The sound effect is heard a second time during the scene in ‘The Justice Society’ when Jordan is awoken by a text message from Anaya (Principal Bowin) saying that Paula and Crusher have killed another football coach.

Sound effect two is the horrified screams of Wendi Tyler as the car she and husband Rex are travelling in is hit by Solomon Grundy in the hologram shown by Chuck and Beth in ‘Hourman and Doctor Mid-Nite’.

Finally, the third is the screams of Merri King as she dies at the hands of her husband, Henry Snr as heard at various points in the storyline revolving around Brainwave and Henry Jr.

#42: Running Jokes

[Credit: Stargirl Fandom]

There is a series of running gags throughout the first season. These include:

  • Mike’s ‘coarse’ language.
  • Pat and Courtney’s constant argument over the who the Fiddler is.
  • Courtney and Pat’s excuses to Barbara as to why they keep showing up injured.
  • Courtney’s insistence that Starman is her father.
  • Mike’s eating habits.
  • Rick’s rivalry with Solomon Grundy.
  • Jordan is constantly having to clean up Larry and Paula’s messes.
  • Courtney’s constant disrespect for Pat.
  • Sir Justin’s forgetting the simplest of conversations.
  • Chuck’s banter with Beth and insulting those he admires or despises.
  • The idea of Courtney or Mike driving.

#43: Daddy Issues

[Credit: Tenor]

There are a load of characters who have father issues in the first season for various reasons:

  • Courtney’s biological father, Sam Kurtis abandoned her and Barbara and only returned to their lives when he wanted his daughter’s treasured locket. This incident makes Courtney realise that her mother was right; Pat has always been the father figure in her life and that he is her true dad.
  • Henry Jr’s father, Henry King Snr/Brainwave always bullied him into doing what he wanted. When Henry learned he had powers, he thought he could revert his dad back to the side of good but learned very quickly he didn’t want to change.
  • Cindy’s father, Shiro Ito/Dragon King sees her as a failure and as a failed experiment. He even has her locked up for ‘bad behaviour’.
  • While Beth isn’t exactly estranged from her father James Chapel, she feels that her dad as well as her mother see her as a burden seeing as she is now old enough to look after herself.
  • Isaac doesn’t see his father, The Fiddler because he’s in prison for unknown crimes.
  • Mike isn’t estranged from Pat Dugan, but he grows jealous of all the time his dad spends with stepsister, Courtney.

#44: Rick’s Protectiveness

legacies; 101 fun facts
[Credit: Stargirl Fandom]

Rick’s personality changes across the season in the best possible way. He goes from being a scared little kid not understanding where his parents were going to a teenage delinquent who is constantly getting into trouble.

After learning that his parents were murdered, Rick wants revenge but as a member of the JSA, he also becomes the only boy on the team. He comes to rely on Courtney, Yolanda, and Beth and comes to think of them as friends.

When Courtney ends up in the hospital after her fight with Cindy, word gets back to her friends. Rick flies into a rage and demands they go after Shiv to give her taste of her own medicine. He is only stopped when Beth and Yolanda jump in and tell him they’re upset too but they need to be smart.

This moment indicates that Rick takes his role as the only boy on the JSA seriously and wants to protect his friends. His girls. This is even more apparent when he questions why Courtney would want Henry Jr to help them when he was a jerk to Yolanda.

A third example is during the fight with the ISA where he jumps in to save Pat from Solomon Grundy after the beast pulls S.T.R.I.P.E apart. He even goes one step further and tells Courtney’s dad to go rescue Barbara after she is kidnapped by Jordan.

#45: Evil Cronies

101 Fun Facts
[Credit: Stargirl Fandom]

Now, Jordan might have a team behind him, but his biggest evil cronies aren’t on the ISA. They’re actually his parents; Lily and Sofus.

They have been raising Cameron while their son is out hunting the people who exposed Christine to the toxin that gave her cancer. They might look like innocent old people at first but their evil ways are evident when they clean up the mess Jordan creates when he kills William Zarick without even questioning it.

The second time is when they reassure Jordan that what he is doing with Project New America is the right thing.

Let’s not forget that awkward as hell Whitmore-Dugan-Mahkent dinner party with the evil grace. In their native tongue, they praise Barbara but badmouth Courtney.

#46: The Dragon Ring

Shiv; awaits; 101 Fun Facts

Here’s a little behind-the-scenes fact. The dragon ring you see Cindy wearing with her Shiv armor wasn’t actually a part of the costuming arrangement. Meg DeLacy who plays Cindy found the ring when she went shopping one day and she realised it was perfect for her costume. However, she had to get permission. The producers loved the idea and granted permission.

#47: The Staff’s Personality

[Credit: Stargirl Fandom]

The Cosmic Staff is a character all on its own. Its personality makes it another member of the JSA. However, in the comics, the staff didn’t actually have a personality. It wasn’t even sentient.

The personality is exclusive to the television series.

#48: Alex Montez

[Credit: Stargirl Fandom]

When Yolanda got caught up in the nude photo scandal, the only member of her family who didn’t see her as a disgrace was her cousin, Alex. It appears they are fairly close and always have each other’s backs.

In the comics, Alex ends becoming the supervillain known as Eclipso.

When Eclipso kills Yolanda, Alex vows revenge for his cousin’s murder. This ends up backfiring as his negative emotions become so great that they are sensed by the dark being and it corrupts him.

It gets to the point where Eclipso drives Alex to commit suicide.

Fun fact: Eclipso will be a major villain in Season 2 alongside The Shade.

#49: Rick and Rex Are Polar Opposites

When we meet Rick, he is a hothead looking to blow off steam for his terrible life. Meanwhile, his late father Rex was seen as a hero. What the younger Tyler doesn’t realise is how responsible his dad was.

In ‘The Justice Society’, Courtney attempts to get all the JSA artefacts back from her new team. They refuse as they’ve found their new purposes in the world. Pat tries to talk Rick into giving up the hourglass and his dad’s journal.

This prompts Rick to blow up at Pat by saying he only thinks of him as everyone else does; a delinquent who will get no where in life. The former sidekick tells him that is not how he views his late friend’s son.

Pat sees Rick as a misguided kid who doesn’t know how to hold onto responsibility the way Rex did. This comes from seeing the massive dent on Matt Harris’ truck that Rick creates after he uses his father’s hourglass.

Looking at Rick and Rex, we see them as polar opposites.

Rick is impulsive whereas Rex knew responsibility and understood how addicting the power of the hourglass can be if not handled correctly. This is the message Pat tries conveying to Rick. Basically, it’s his ‘with great power comes great responsibility’ talk.

#50: Mike And Barbara Bond Over Chocolate

Mike might come across as tough, but deep down, he just wants a mother’s love as he’s had his dad to himself all of his life. When Barbara marries his father, he gets his wish. He bonds with his stepmother very quickly which is great contrast to Courtney’s relationship with Pat.

It’s also a well-known by this time this time that Mike has an addiction to junk food which Pat has tried to get him to kick but has so far failed. Barbara, however, isn’t as strict and supports her stepson’s chocolate volcano science fair entry.

With Pat unable to go to the science fair due to work, Barbara goes in his place. Mike, who had been standing by his entry looking sad and dejected when he sees all the other parents with their kids, he is surprised when he hears his stepmother running towards him.

Later at home, Barbara claims that Mike should’ve won rather than getting last place. Not really caring about the prize, the little man is just glad to spend time with the woman he has come to see as his mother-figure.

#51: Courtney’s Bond With Pat Deepens When She Stands Up For Him

101 Fun facts
[Credit: Stargirl Fandom]

From basically the moment they met, Courtney has never wanted to accept Pat as being a part of her life. However, when the Whitmore-Dugan family moves to Blue Valley, things take an interesting turn.

Upon finding the Cosmic Staff, Courtney becoming more reliant on her stepfather in ways she never thought. When Pat discovers she has taken various JSA artefacts and given them to Yolanda, Rick, and Beth, he orders her to get them back. The plan hits a snag when they flat out refuse.

Courtney, having already dealt with a pissed off Pat, defends him when the JSA take swipes at him for wanting the items back. She tells them he has a reason for it.

This shows how much Courtney has mellowed to Pat being her dad figure. After all, he did save her life from Brainwave.

#52: JSA-ISA Foe Pairings

There is no denying that the original JSA and the ISA were enemies but each member had their personal foe. Please note that the following list is incomplete.

  • Rex Tyler/Hourman – Larry “Crusher” Crock/Sportsmaster
  • Sylvester Pemberton/Starman – Henry King Snr/Brainwave & Jordan Mahkent/Icicle
  • Ted Grant/Wildcat – Paula Brooks/Tigress?
  • Charles McNider/Doctor Mid-Nite – Steven Sharpe/The Gambler

#53: Three Birthdays Mentioned

There aren’t a lot birthdays celebrated in most shows, but in Stargirl we know of at least three; Beth’s, Henry Snr’s, and Christine’s.

We know Beth’s birthday is May 15th as it was mentioned by Chuck.

Christine’s birthdate is unknown but is celebrated by her husband and son in her honour in ‘The Justice Society’.

Fun fact: During the filming of the diner scene in ‘The Justice Society’, Neil (Jordan) and Hunter (Cameron) ate the cake after the director called cut.

Henry Snr’s birthdate is October 12.

#54: The Baseball Bat Bounce

101 fun facts
[Credit: Stargirl Fandom]

Another behind-the-scenes fact for our 101 fun facts is one that actually surprised us.

It was revealed in the Stargirl Aftershow podcast that the baseball bat bounce Sportsmaster does was not actually CGI like a lot of people thought. Nor was it done with a stunt double. Neil Hopkins actually learned how to do it himself.

#55: Hawkins

Mike is the king of name dropping. In ‘Shiv Part One’, Mike name drops a woman with the last name ‘Hawkins’. While this might not mean anything huge, there are a few characters within DC Comics lore with that last name:

  • Virgil Hawkins (better known as Static)
  • Sanderson “Sandy” Hawkins – the successor of Wesley Dodds/Sandman
  • Star Hawkins
  • Robert Hawkins – father of Virgil
  • Sharon Hawkins – sister of Virgil
  • Jean Hawkins – late mother of Virgil and Sharon

#56: Cindy’s Mean Behaviour Doesn’t Just Apply To Her Villainous Persona

101 Fun Facts
[Credit: Stargirl Fandom]

Cindy Burman has made it very clear that is no difference between her and her supervillain alter ego, Shiv. When we meet her in ‘Stargirl’, she tries to rally Courtney to her side, but things sour very quickly. It became no secret that there were going to be more butting of heads as time went on.

Turns out, we were right. Courtney becomes a thorn in Cindy’s side mainly because she stands up to her when she picks on Yolanda. However, things take an even deeper downward spiral when Courtney tries to reschedule their hang due her being being asked to Homecoming by Cameron.

Cindy takes this as an insult given her day had already taken a massive turn for the worst after she has a massive fight with her best friend, Jenny who breaks their friendship off because of the way she is treated.

However, unbeknownst to most characters, Cindy’s home life isn’t exactly glamorous. Her father spends most of his time in his lab while she only has her stepmother, Bobbie for company. She complains to her dad that none of the other ISA legacies know who their parents are.

(note: Dragon King is not an official member of the ISA. He is an ally only.)

Cindy takes immense pride in not keeping her two personas separate.

#57: Rick’s Appreciation Towards The Girls Of The JSA

Rick Tyler is the world’s biggest softie when it comes to his friends. We see in ‘Shiv Part One’ that Rick has gained a great amount of respect for Courtney, Yolanda, and Beth.

The first scene with the four of them walking together down the hallway at school, Rick graciously falls behind the girls as a sign of respect.

He knows he is treated the same by them and knows they respect him as much as he respects them.

#58: Cameron And Cindy Are Parallels

101 fun facts
[Credit: Stargirl Fandom]

Cindy Burman and Cameron Mahkent might not have appeared on screen together, but believe or not, there’s actually parallels between them. For fact 58 of our 101 fun facts, here’s our thoughts on this idea.

  • Cameron’s mother died of cancer when he was roughly five-years-old while Cindy was a bit older when she accidentally killed her mother in a fit of rage.
  • Cindy knows about the ISA while Cameron has been kept in the dark by his father and grandparents on purpose.
  • Cameron was born with his pending powers as implied by his grandmother. Cindy was experimented on by her father.
  • Cindy killed her dad while Cameron’s dad was killed by Mike Dugan.
  • Cameron has a crush on Courtney while Cindy is rivals with Courtney because she gets in her way of bullying people.
  • Cindy is mean to everyone while Cameron is nice to everyone he interacts with.
  • Jordan, Cameron’s father is the leader of the ISA while Dragon King is an ally of the group.

#59: Cindy Attempts To Bond With Courtney Over Their Dads

From the moment Cindy and Courtney meet, we always knew there was going to be conflict between them. As the first half of the season plays out, we learn in ‘Shiv Part One’ that the girls are not so different. They both have ‘dad issues’.

Cindy needs a friend after everything that happened with Jenny and wants to Courtney to be her replacement. She even invites her to hang out on the night of Homecoming and we all know how that turns out.

Seeing Cindy trying to make an effort to be friendly with Courtney shows us that she has some ounce of humanity and isn’t entirely the mean girl she makes herself out to be.

#60: Bobbie Is The Stepford Wife

star question; 101 fun facts
[Credit: Stargirl Fandom]

If you thought Cindy had problems, just wait until you meet her second stepmother, Bobbie. The poor woman is forced to portray herself as a loving mother to Cindy and wife to Doctor Ito. However, she is treated really poorly. This just had to be added to our 101 fun facts.

Cindy treats her like trash and Bobbie is just forced to tolerate it. She’s basically Stepford wife with no real trajectory in her life… if she even had one at all. If Chuck is correct, Bobbie isn’t even a real person which is insanely creepy.

#61: Courtney And Pat’s Conversation In The Hospital Is Similar To Peter And Tony’s Confrontation In Spider-Man: Homecoming

101 Fun Facts
[Credit: Superhero Hype]

When you think Stargirl your mind doesn’t go straight to Marvel. Ours didn’t until we realised there was a similarity in the episode ‘Shiv Part Two’ to a scene in the MCU film Spider-Man: Homecoming.

Courtney ends up in the hospital after her fight with Cindy Burman who has taken on the villainous persona of Shiv. Pat is forced to create a cover story by crashing his beloved Buick and claiming his stepdaughter was the one driving. He calls Barbara and she rushes home from her business trip early.

Now, you’re probably where the Marvel reference comes in. Well, when they’re still at the hospital, Pat tells Courtney they need to tell her mother the truth about their heroics. She’s deadset against it because if Barbara, knew she would stop her from being Stargirl. This is similar to the confrontation between Tony and Peter after Iron Man is forced to step in and rescue a ferry full of passengers who were put at risk by Spidey.

When Tony says he has to take his new suit away as a lesson, Peter protests saying that he is nothing without it. This is similar to Courtney pleading with Pat not to tell Barbara about what really happened to her because it was destroy any chance she has of being a superhero.

#62: Ed Reilly

101 Fun Facts
[Credit: Stargirl Fandom]

The man whom Jordan meets and later kills in ‘Shiv Part Two’ might not be familiar to the average television watcher of DCTV, if you’re a fan of DC Comics in general than you might know of him. The guy’s name is Ed Reilly.

In the comics, Ed Reilly was the father of Rod and Danette Reilly who both became Firebrand.

Fans of Young Justice will also know the term Firebrand as the name was used in the animated series for the robot known as Red Inferno. According to her origin story, she was a robot with a human appearance and her civilian name was Danette Reilly and she could manipulate fire.

#63: The Beth And Pat Banter Was Improvised By Anjelika And Luke

Here’s another behind-the-scenes tidbit. The banter between Beth and Pat in ‘Shiv Part Two’ was actually improvised by Anjelika (Beth) and Luke (Pat). There was stuff scripted but the scenes inside the Burman house were funnier improvised.

#64: Anjelika Didn’t Actually Fall Out That Window

[Credit: Stargirl Fandom]

Remember that scene in ‘Shiv Part Two’ where Beth falls from the window of Cindy’s bedroom and Rick catches her? Well, it wasn’t Anjelika that did the stunt.

Anjelika wanted to do the stunt herself but she was told it was too dangerous given how high up the window ledge was. Instead, her stunt double was bought it.

#65: The Star Spangled Bitch

Cindy; 101 Fun Facts
[Credit: One Page News]

There’s no denying Cindy and Country despise each other. During ‘Shiv Part Two’ the mean girl actually makes a comic book reference to Stargirl’s former superhero name from the comics. She calls her the Star Spangled Bitch as a nod to Whitmore’s tenure as the second ‘Star Spangled Kid’, the successor to Sylvester Pemberton.

#66: Snapdragon

[Credit: Stargirl Fandom]

Courtney makes a remark about Dragon King that might go over most people’s heads, but not if you’ve read Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E. In the comic story, the plan to brainwash the kids was actually called Project Snapdragon.

When Courtney goes up against Dragon King in Stargirl, she struggles to come up with a comeback and uses Snapdragon.

#67: Pat And Beth’s Joke About The Goggles

During their ‘adventure’ in the Burman house, Pat and Beth make a joke about the goggles. Dugan claims that Chapel is as blind as a bat. This is a reference to Beth in the comics where she was blinded during Crisis on Infinite Earths.

This ‘joke’ is also a reference to the original Doctor Mid-Nite, Charles McNider who was blind but discovered he had perfect night vision.

#68: 1999

Next on our list of 101 fun facts…

Of all the small Easter eggs in Stargirl, the security codes are probably the most subtle. The code of the basement door in the Burman house which leads to Doctor Ito’s lab and provides a tunnel to the ISA headquarters is 1999. This was seen in ‘Shiv Part Two’.

This is a reference to couple of things.

The first one is the birth year of Stargirl actress Brec Bassinger who was born in 1999.

Reference number two is the debut of Courtney Whitmore/Stargirl and Cindy Burman/Shiv in DC Comics during the run of Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E which was released in 1999.

#69: Cindy’s Threat To Kill Her Father Comes True

For point 69 of our 101 fun facts, we wanted to say this; Karma really is a bitch when it rears its ugly head. In ‘Brainwave’, a locked up Cindy threatens to kill her father before he closes the sliding window in her face.

A few episodes later in ‘Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E Part Two’, Cindy escapes her cell and kills her own father.

#70: Jordan Met Christine In England

101 Fun Facts
[Credit: Stargirl Fandom]

We found something interesting that we thought needed to be added to our 101 fun facts out about when Jordan met his wife, Christine in ‘Shiv Part One’. Icicle reveals to son Cameron that he met his mother in London, England.

A bit of a behind-the-scenes fact that you mightn’t have known is that Neil Jackson who plays Jordan/Icicle is actually British not American. With the character meeting his (on-screen) wife in London, this may have been a nod to where Jackson was born and raised. However, Neil was not born in London. Just the country is the same.

#71: Henry Jr Is the Only Character To Have Genetic Ties To Both The JSA And The ISA

star question; 101 fun facts
[Credit: Stargirl Fandom]

Fact 71 of 101 fun facts.

Henry King Junior was one of the those characters we went from hating to loving very quickly. We could see that his life sucked and his terrible behaviour reflected his relationships with his father and Cindy.

However, we learn in the ‘Brainwave’ and ‘Brainwave Jr’ episodes that Henry has genetic ties to both the ISA and the JSA. It is unclear whether his mother, Merri was a member of the Justice Society when she was alive, but her brother who was Sylvester Pemberton better known as Starman was.

Henry’s father is Brainwave so naturally he has ties to the Injustice Society too.

Having his father and uncle serve on opposite sides of the equation would’ve given Henry a choice of which side he might’ve joined had he not been murdered by his own dad. This is the whole reason this point made it onto our 101 fun facts list.

#72: Mike And Courtney’s Conversation Differs From The Comics

101 fun facts
[Credit: Stargirl Fandom]

Mike and Courtney’s relationship has always been on-off since their first interaction in the pilot episode. They’re very different as characters but over time they have managed to find the moral high ground. For point 72 of our 101 fun facts, we had to address it.

Courtney has never hid her distain of having Pat as her stepfather and Mike as her stepbrother. However, she has come to see that they are the dad and little brother she never realised she needed in her life.

Mike has also lashed out at Courtney for spending more time with Pat than he does. He made us want to tear up when Barbara kicks Pat out of the house when she learns about his and her daughter’s superhero activities and he says his stepsister finally got her ‘wish’ to get rid of him and his dad.

Eventually, Mike finds out his dad and Courtney’s superhero lifestyle. While he is accepting in the show, his comic counterpart isn’t. In fact, it’s the total opposite.

When Mike discovers that Courtney inherited the cosmic converter belt, he argues that it should be his and they fight over it. The piece of equipment gets broken as a result.

#73: The ISA Wipes Itself Out

101 fun facts
[Credit: Stargirl Fandom]

As we near the end of our 101 fun facts, our 73rd point was once we didn’t actually realise until we started browsing through the Injustice Society Stargirl Wiki page. If you pay attention to the Injustice Society throughout the first season, you might’ve noticed something regarding their ranks; they were killing each other off when something wasn’t going their way.

In ‘Icicle’, Jordan kills William Zarick the same day he kills the Wizard’s son, Joey as a way of getting his second-in-command to comply with his demands. When this fails, he freezes him and orders his parents, Sofus and Lily Mahkent to clean up the body.

During ‘Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E Part One’, Anaya Bowin, the second Fiddler is killed by Paula Brooks/Tigress after she questions and her and husband, Crusher’s parenting of their daughter Artemis.

ISA ally, Shiro Ito/Dragon King is murdered by his daughter, Cindy for simply being a terrible parent.

The new JSA only killed Henry King Snr/Brainwave and Jordan Mahkent/Icicle as seen in ‘Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E Part Two’.

As of currently, only three members remain alive; Tigress, Sportsmaster, and The Gambler. Solomon Grundy was exiled by Rick Tyler/Hourman II.

#74: Running Gag Of Names

101 Fun facts
[Credit: Stargirl Fandom]

There is a running gag during the first season where people questioning the names of individuals and groups. We’ve already covered a few other jokes above but this one deserved its own point on our 101 fun facts list.

Here’s few of those names:

  • Stripsey – called out by Courtney but explained by Pat before realising she’s right.
  • Seven Soldiers of Victory – called out by Courtney when she says that there’s eight people in the photo but Pat explains the group always argued about the name. This was also mentioned by Beth.
  • Sportsmaster and Tigress – Rick questions the names of Paula and Crusher during the new JSA’s first mission as a team.
  • Brainwave and Icicle – Yolanda questions Courtney over Henry Snr and Jordan’s supervillain names.

#75: Jake Austin Walker Almost Didn’t Take The Role Of Henry Jr

101 fun facts
[Credit: Stargirl Fandom]

By now, we cannot imagine anyone else in the role of Henry King Jr other than Jake Austin Walker. However, he revealed in the ‘Brainwave Jr’ episode of the Stargirl Aftershow podcast that he almost didn’t take the role.

The reason is totally understandable. He mentioned he had done two other projects where he played the bully and he didn’t want to be typecast. Jake voiced his reluctance to showrunner Geoff Johns who explained the character’s arc from bully to reluctant hero who dies by his father’s hand.

After this, he was more than happy to play the role to the point he read every comic detailing Henry Jr’s role as Brainwave Jr.

#76: Lexi Rabe

101 Fun Facts
[Credit: Stargirl Fandom]

If you were anything like us and had to do a double take during the season 1 finale, ‘Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E Part Two’, you’re not alone. During various points through the episode a little girl pops up with her brainwashed father. If the child looked familiar to you, you’d get full marks.

This little girl is Lexi Rabe who is best known for her role as a young Morgan Stark in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), especially Avengers: Endgame. She is also known for playing the younger version of Millie Bobby Brown’s character in Godzilla: King of Monsters.

Fact 76 of 101 fun facts.

#77: Anaya Bowin

101 Fun Facts
[Credit: Stargirl Fandom]

Anaya Bowin was known as a couple of things throughout the first season. Here’s our 77th point on our 101 fun facts list.

  • Principal Bowin
  • Mom
  • The Fiddler

She was also known to smother her son, Isaac which he deemed embarrassing. However, it appears that she is an amalgamation of the Fidder and Virtuoso from the comics.

In the comics, the Fiddler is Isaac Bowin which is the name of Anaya’s son in the show while the mantle of ‘The Fiddler’ once belonged to her currently unknown husband.

The Isaac Bowin Fiddler in the comics was known for wearing green which is the colour scheme for Anaya.

#78: Cindy’s Wrist Knives

[Credit: Stargirl Fandom]

Cindy Burman might be a nasty piece of work, but she is a pretty cool supervillain. For point 78 of our 101 fun facts, we wanted to issue a piece of behind-the-scenes trivia regarding the wrist knives.

Having been experimented on from a young age, Cindy was enhanced to be a super soldier of sorts by her father, Dragon King. One of those enhancements was knives that come out of her wrists that basically make her the DC Comics version of Wolverine.

It is easy to assume that they were added in as CGI. It was revealed by Meg DeLacy that the knives weren’t added in during post-production. The knives (or rather, the props) were actually real and were attached to her wrists, just not under the skin. She became so comfortable with them, that she often forgot she had them on.

#79: Most The Surviving ISA Legacies Have Two Parents In The ISA And/Or Agreed With The Group’s Message

101 Fun Facts
[Credit: Stargirl Fandom]

Coming in at 79th on our 101 Fun Facts list is a little something extra regarding the ISA legacies.

Of all the kids that survive the first season a few of them had both parents serve on the ISA in some capacity.

  • Artemis – her parents, Paula Brooks/Tigress and Larry Crock/Sportsmaster are both members of the ISA
  • Cameron – his father Jordan Mahkent is the leader of the ISA while his late mother, Christine supported what the group stood for
  • Isaac – both his parents, Anaya Bowin and his father were both known as The Fiddler, but at separate times.

#80: Oliver Queen And Roy Harper Exist On Earth-2

[Credit: Comic Book]

It should be noted that Stargirl within the large DCTV multiverse can only exist because of the rewriting of the multiverse thanks to the sacrifice Oliver Queen made in the Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover even that took place across December 2019 and January 2020.

When the Seven Soldiers of Victory were seen in a photo of the group in ‘Shining Knight’, there’s two characters that stood out; two guys that were dressed up like Robin Hood.

These are actually Oliver Queen and Roy Harper who both part of the Seven Soldiers of Victory in the comics. The way these two are dressed is reminiscent of how they dress in the comics when they’re Green Arrow and Speedy.

Quick note: when the first season of Stargirl was in production, Arrow‘s final season hadn’t even aired which might explain Green Arrow and Speedy were shown in the SSoV photo but not mentioned by name.

#80: Pat Considered The Original JSA To Be His Family The Same Way Rick Considers the New JSA To Be His

[Credit: Stargirl Fandom]

Pat and Rick are very different characters but they do share a similar view. that is what we wanted to explore for point 80 of our 101 fun facts.

Pat mentions during an early conversation with Courtney that the original JSA, where he served as Starman’s sidekick had become like his family.

Rick Tyler, who is the son of Pat’s late friend and teammate Rex Tyler/Hourman, comes to see the new JSA consisting of Courtney, Beth, and Yolanda as his family.

#81: The Feeling Varies

awkward; powers; 101 fun facts
[Credit: Stargirl Fandom]

Believe or not, there is actually a parallel between the relationships between Barbara and Jordan and Courtney and Cameron.

Barbara and Jordan become a good friends to the point, the secret supervillain begins to develop a crush on his co-worker. Outside of the small flirtations, that was as far as it went meaning it was unreciprocated on Barb’s side.

However, there is instant chemistry between Courtney and Cameron to the point where it’s flirtatious. #CamneyForEva!

#82: Ferrigno

101 fun facts
[Credit: GeekTyrant]

If you were paying attention to the credits of the ‘pilot’ episode and ‘Hourman and Doctor Mid-Nite’, you might’ve spotted the name Lou Ferrigno Jr.

Almost thirty years ago if not longer, Lou Ferrigno played the Hulk half of the David Banner/Hulk on television in a number of films associated with the Marvel character.

His son, Lou Ferrigno Jr plays Rex Tyler, the father of Rick in Stargirl.

#83: The Gambler’s Granddaughter Appeared On The Flash

101 Fun Facts
[Credit: Arrowverse Fandom]

Stargirl depicts Steven Sharpe/The Gambler as a self-serving man with a cut-off personality. He is one of the few ISA members who does not have a child that we know of.

in the comics, Steven Sharpe III (yes, his father and grandfather had the same name), had at least one son, Steven Sharpe IV (presumably as Gambler’s grandson’s name is Steven Sharpe V) whom had a daughter (also presumed) named Rebecca “Becky” who became the supervillain known as Hazard.

Becky appeared in the fourth season of the Arrowverse series, The Flash where she is a blackjack dealer. She even had lifelong bad luck. She becomes a victim to Clifford Devoe and ends up become a meta-human who can give someone bad luck but give herself good luck.

Fact 84 of 101 fun facts.

#84: The Shade May Become Good Or Neutral

[Credit: Stargirl Fandom]

As we move closer to Season 2, we wanted to point something out about one the newest villains; The Shade. During Season 1, the character been mentioned by Dragon King while appearing twice.

The first appearance was in the pilot episode where he takes his shadow form to kill Doctor Mid-Nite. At the end of ‘Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E Part Two’, he shows up in the ISA headquarter after Jordan’s death.

In the comics, The Shade is primarily a bad guy but it has been noted that he has teamed up with Starman. This means he has played the role of antihero at one time or another.

#85: The New JSA V. ISA Fight In The Season Finale Had To Be Earned

[Credit: Mama’s Geeky]

Here’s point #85 of 101 Fun Facts.

The final fight between the new JSA and the ISA was amazing to watch. It was the television version of the final battle in Avengers Endgame. However, when it came to behind-the-scenes, the cast had to earn the chance to do this fight in order to make it memorable for the audience.

As promised, the cast worked insanely hard and the fight turned out better than we could’ve hoped.

#86: Jordan’s Dark Humour Might Mean Something More Later Down The Track For Cameron

Star Question; 101 fun facts
[Credit: Stargirl Fandom]

In ‘Shiv Part One’, Cameron goes to his father for advice about asking out Courtney. Jordan explains to him how he ended up asking out Christine all those years ago. He humours his son by telling him he killed a rival suitor who also had his eye on Icicle’s future wife.

To the audience, we know Jordan isn’t joking. However, Cameron, who is oblivious to who his father is, thinks he’s kidding around.

As of the Season 1 finale, Cameron is an orphan being raised completely by his grandparents. Given Jordan’s death at the hands of Mike, how the younger Mahkent’s mind works might not be the same as it once was.

There’s the likelihood that Cameron will no longer see anything as humourous and will want revenge for his father.

#87: Neil Jackson And Nelson Lee Have Worked With Geoff Johns Before

101 Fun Facts
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If you’ve been following Geoff Johns’ writing career then you’ll know he co-created Blade: The Series with David S. Goyer. The show was short-lived and ran for only one season.

Two members of the main cast were Nelson Lee who played Shen and Neil Jackson who was Marcus Van Sciver. Geoff remained in contact with them and asked them if they wanted to join Stargirl.

#88: Yolanda’s Killing Of Brainwave Will Have An After Effect

101 Fun facts
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Going into our final points for our 101 fun facts, we wanted to address Yolanda. After her ruthless slaughtering of Brainwave in ‘Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E Part Two’, her actions will trigger an after affect she won’t see coming.

During Season 2, Yolanda will enter dark territory as she deals with what happened. She might have avenged Henry, but killing his father is not the answer. After all, she lectured Rick about his desire to murder Solomon Grundy but turned around and murdered someone herself.

This might lead her down a path where it allows Eclipso to use her grief and anger against her.

#89: There Are Not Too Many Siblings

101 Fun Facts
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For number 89 of our 101 fun facts, we wanted to talk about how there appears to be a lack of siblings in Stargirl.

From the first episode, it became apparent that siblings are almost non-existent. Most characters are only children by the looks of it.

Siblings that we have confirmed are:

  • Merri Pemberton-King – the sister of Sylvester Pemberton/Starman
  • Matt Harris – brother of Wendi Tyler
  • Mike Dugan – stepbrother of Courtney Whitmore/Stargirl

#90: Solomon Grundy Is The Stargirl Version Of The Hulk… Kinda

101 Fun facts
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If you’re a comic book nerd of both DC Comics and Marvel, you might’ve noticed how similar Solomon Grundy is to the Incredible Hulk. However, they have two very different backstories.

Solomon Grundy was once Cyrus Gold, a merchant with wealth that lived in the 19th Century. He was murdered and resurrected fifty years later. Upon being returned to life, he became a supervillain that was later controlled by the Injustice Society of America.

In 2011, Grundy was tasked with hunting down and killing Justice Society member, Rex Tyler/Hourman and his wife, Wendi. Upon finding the couple, he struck their car which hit a tree and killed them. This event ultimately left their son, Rick orphaned and left in the hands of his Uncle Matt.

When comparing Grundy with the Hulk, there’s a massive difference. While both are prone to violence outbursts and are huge in mass, their lives are different.

Hulk can return to human size and allow Bruce Banner to take over again. Grundy, however, cannot as he has no humanity left.

#91: Orphans

101 Fun Facts
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Fact 91 of 101 Fun Facts… 10 to go!

Stargirl seems to have a habit of orphaning children at the most brutal of ways. Lets go over them:

  • Rick Tyler – Rick was left orphaned when his parents’ car was thrown into a tree by Solomon Grundy. This lead him to want revenge on the beast.
  • Isaac Bowin – Okay, well Isaac isn’t really orphaned as his father is still alive, but the Fiddler is in prison. His mother was killed for questioning Tigress and Sportsmaster on the way they parent their daughter, Artemis.
  • Cameron Mahkent – Cameron’s mother died of cancer when he was five and his father was run down and killed by Courtney’s stepbrother, Mike in a bid to protect his family and to join the JSA.
  • Cindy Burman – Okay, this one is a bit odd given that Cindy killed both her parents, but she’s still an orphan regardless.
  • Henry King Jr – With his mother dead, Henry Jr was an orphan for a short amount of time while his father was in a coma.

#92: Blue Valley Was Once Home To Member Of The Flash Family

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For point 92 of our 101 fun facts, we wanted to go a bit off topic for Stargirl the show, but it’s still relevant to the Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E comic series.

While not addressed in Stargirl, the Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E comic series showed a link to the Flash family. There is a sign which says Blue Valley was the home to Kid Flash himself, Wally West.

Blue Valley was even mentioned to be a location in the Arrowverse. It was mentioned that Izzy Bowin was due to play a gig during Season 4. Also, there was a line in an early version of the The Flash pilot episode script where Joe mentions that Barry, who is his foster son during this time, had gone to Blue Valley because he discovered that there was ‘a girl who could defy gravity’. This could’ve been a nod to Stargirl. We don’t know.

Going back to Stargirl, a version of the Flash does exist on the new Earth-2, but was killed by the ISA. This was the Jay Garrick version rather than the Barry Allen version.

#93: Knocking Out The Second-In-Command

101 fun facts
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For our 93rd point of our 101 fun facts, we wanted to point something out that we didn’t realise.

Jordan Mahkent is a ruthless killer. There’s no denying that, but he has a habit of killing the second-in-command of groups. Look at what he did to his ISA lackey, William Zarick.

First he kills Joey to get The Wizard to comply but when that doesn’t work, Jordan murders him and has his parents clean up the mess.

Years earlier, however, Jordan is lead to believe that he killed Starman who more than likely was Doctor Mid-Nite’s second-in-command given he had most the attention during the fight with the ISA.

#94: Jenny Williams Might Become The Next Green Lantern

101 Fun Facts
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When you’re associated with the one and only Cindy Burman, you’re expected to be a mean girl too. That means, not asking questions and no standing up to Queen Bee. Or, should we say, Queen Cindy? Anyway, for point #94 of our 101 Fun facts we wanted to point out the already looming possibility that Jenny Williams might become Jade, a Green Lantern and a new member of the JSA.

Jenny might’ve followed Cindy around and acted as her lapdog, but she wasn’t blind to the way the mean girl treated her. In ‘Shiv Part One’, we got a look at the cheerleading co-captain standing up to her best friend. We never thought this would happen and it gave us a greater respect for her.

Now, where does the Green Lantern tease come in? If you look at the necklace that Jenny is often seen wearing (see above image), it looks similar to the logo Alan Scott’s daughter Jennifer-Lynn Hayden wears on her Jade suit in the comics.

After a little bit of digging, better known as the Jade page on Wikipedia, we noticed something interesting in the alias panel on the side of the page. Two names the superhero goes under is Jen or Jennie-Lynn and she was a member of the JSA.

Sure, a necklace and a name aren’t exactly clues to who she might become. But, she does has a connection to Henry King Jr in the comics where they had feelings for each other and was a member of Infinity Inc alongside him.

#95: Infinity Inc References

101 fun facts
[Credit: Chris is on Infinite Earths]

One group that has not yet been referenced in Stargirl is Infinity Inc. But, many of its members have appeared in some form during Season 1. Let’s take a sneak peek.

  • Henry King Jr – founder of Infinity Inc alongside his uncle, Sylvester Pemberton. Appears as a teenager in Stargirl and is the son of ISA member Henry King Snr/Brainwave. Is killed by his father when he refuses to stand at his side.
  • Sylvester Pemberton – leader and co-founder of Infinity Inc alongside, his nephew, Henry King Jr. Is killed in the pilot of Stargirl during a fight with the ISA. He battles his brother-in-law, Brainwave as Starman which is enough distraction for Icicle to attack and mortally wound him. Is revealed to be alive in the final scene of ‘Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E Part Two’.
  • Beth Chapel – becomes Doctor Mid-Nite but is killed by Eclipso. Is a teenager in Stargirl and joins Stargirl’s JSA.
  • Yolanda Montez – becomes Wildcat, succeeding her godfather, Ted Grant but is killed by Eclipso. Is a teenager in Stargirl and use to date Henry King Jr before a nude photo scandal ends their relationships thanks to Cindy Burman. Joins Stargirl’s JSA.
  • Rick Tyler – becomes his father, Rex’s successor in the mantle of Hourman. Had a close bond with Beth Chapel. Teenager in Stargirl and is the only guy on the new JSA outside of Pat Dugan and the AI of Doctor McNider.

#96: BVHS’ Mascot Is Not The Prairie Dog In The Comics

101 Fun Facts
[Credit: Stargirl Fandom]

See the happy little prairie dog in the above image? He’s the mascot of Blue Valley High School. However, this isn’t actually the case in the Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E. comics series.

The mascot was actually the Blue Valley soldiers in the comics.

According to Shawn McBee, the show’s graphic designer and the host of the Stargirl Aftershow podcast, he had designed the BVHS mascot to be the soldier and there was a cut of the scene where Courtney walks past the soldier mascot when she enters the school for the first time.

However, someone pointed out that it was actually historically inaccurate to have a soldier as the mascot so it was changed to the prairie dog.

#97: Yolanda Is The Queen Of Getting Alter Egos Wrong

101 fun facts
[Credit: Stargirl Fandom]

Yolanda has gone through a lot in just the first season and this expected to continue in the second, but she had a lot of great moments too. One the running gags is how she keeps getting people’s alter egos wrong. So far, she’s gotten wrong:

  • Courtney – Yolanda calls her Miss America and not Stargirl
  • Beth – Captain Mid-Nite not Doctor Mid-Nite
  • Justin – Silent Knight instead of Shining Knight which Rick yells at her through the comments

#98: Henry’s Personality Changes When His Dad Ends Up In A Coma

101 fun facts
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Henry Jr grew up very quickly from the first time we see him. He goes from bully to be revealed as a bullying victim during just the first couple of episodes.

His life begins to change when Courtney unintentionally puts Brainwave into a coma. Henry is devastated and the only he can focus on is being there for his father. Unbeknownst to him, his grief of potentially losing his dad triggered his powers.

As time goes on, we see a whole new side to Henry that we had not seen previously. Upon discovering his powers and accidentally killing someone, he begins to think the same way his father does; that the whole world is full of bad people.

However, thanks to Courtney, he realises that his dad was wrong and there might be a chance for him to be pulled back to the side of good. In the end, Henry died protecting those who genuinely cared about him.

#99: Capes Were A Bad Idea!

101 Fun Facts
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As we reach the end of our 101 fun facts, we wanted to include a line that should have been uttered by Pat a long time ago: “No capes!”

Despite a lot of the characters having capes, they were a hassle behind-the-scenes. Cameron Gellman (Rick) and Nelson Lee (Dragon King) have both said in interviews that doing the simplest of things while wearing their capes was not easy.

Lee even said that he couldn’t even walk backwards or do his own stunt work without tripping on his cape.

#100: True Family

Rick Tyler; 101 Fun Facts
[Credit: Stargirl Fandom]

Now, we’ve already covered the whole Pat and Rick see their respective version of the JSA as family. However, this time we’re going to add in one for the ages; how certain characters have found their own sense of family in different ways.

Let’s begin with Sir Justin.

When he served as the leader of the Seven Soldiers of Victory, his men were just like him; ordinary. Not one of them had superpowers. As far as he was concerned, they were his family until his memories were stolen from him by Dragon King.

Next up, we have Courtney.

Having been raised by her single mother, Courtney always wanted her father to come back into their lives. When Barbara marries Pat, she gains a paternal figure in her new stepdad. She even gets a sibling in stepbrother Mike.

However, this is not the family dynamic the future superhero wanted. She tries to fight the idea of having a ‘new’ dad but later finds her real father is a deadbeat who only cares about himself. Courtney also comes to see her friends as part of the family too as they join her, Mike, and their parents for Christmas.

#101: Characters That Might Not End Up Getting Expansion

101 Fun Facts
[Credit: The Comic Vault – WordPress]

It’s no secret that DC Entertainment has a real issue with using one character in too many projects at the same time. For our final point of our 101 fun facts, we’re going to look out what this means for Stargirl.

In the series so far, there have been characters who mightn’t show up or get referenced again. For those of you asking why, we’ll explain.

Television and Film are two very different things when it comes rights. For DC Comics, normally there can only ever been one property that uses a character at any one time. However, there have been exceptions to that rule. Batman v. Superman and Justice League used the Barry Allen Flash despite the Grant Gustin television show using him.

Now, film often gets preference over television. One example of this was how Arrow had to stop using the term Suicide Squad because of the David Ayers movie. They also had to kill Amanda Waller off for the same reason.

Going back to Stargirl, the first season had mentions of the following:

  • Hawkman
  • Hawkgirl
  • Jay Garrick’s Flash
  • Green Lantern

A few years ago, the Arrowverse used the Hawks. They haven’t appeared since the end of Legends of Tomorrow Season 1. Until now, they haven’t been used. This allowed for them to be used in Stargirl as part of the original JSA.

In recent months it has been revealed that Hawkman will appear in Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam. It’s been speculated that Hawkgirl will appear as well as you cannot have one without the other. Since this is a film, Stargirl might have to stop referencing them.

This also applies to the Alan Scott Green Lantern when HBO Max releases its Green Lantern series, but it will depend on which lanterns appear.

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