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10 Random Thoughts We’ve Got About Crisis On Infinite Earths

second hour; random thoughts

Tomorrow (or today!), we’ll experience the most epic Arrowverse crossover we’ve ever seen. We just thought we’d talk about 10 random thoughts we’ve had about what we’ll see.

With every piece of pop culture, random thoughts come to mind in the form of fan theories. We thought we’d put together a list of our top 10 mini ideas we’d like to see during the five part Crisis on Infinite Earths when it airs in December 2019 and January 2020.

1. Kingdom Come Superman Tells The Story Of His Lois

second hour; random thoughts
[Credit: Green Arrow TV]

After a bit of research, we discovered the Kingdom Come storyline and what happened when the Joker kills everyone at the Daily Planet including Lois Lane. Given the tragedy of this tale, we’re hoping this iteration of Clark tells the story of how he lost his beloved Lois.

While this might seem like a random thought, it’s one of the more sensible mini theories we have.

2. Arrowverse Clark Reacts To Seeing Smallville Lois Who looks Like His Aunt

[Credit: Arrowverse Fandom]

Since Elseworlds last year, a lot has happened in the lives of El cousins, Clark Kent and Kara Danvers. From family reunions to being stabbed in the back by longtime friends, they’ve have it all thrown their way.

But for Clark, he’s become a husband and father to Lois and their little boy. He even headed to Argo where his son was concieved. It’s here that he would have reunited with his Aunt Alura, Kara’s mother. There’s no way he wouldn’t have bumped into her at some point.

Anyway, wouldn’t it be awesome if Clark were to meet the Smallville version of Lois and says she looks just like his aunt? We can just see his Lois’s reaction now. It’s been confirmed that he and Lois will meet Tom Welling’s Clark Kent, but they haven’t said whether they’ll meet Erica Durance’s Lois.

3. Kate Compares Kingdom Come Batman To Her Cousin

second hour; random thoughts
[Credit: Green Arrow TV]

We all know by well how similar Kate Kane is her cousin, Bruce Wayne. During Crisis on Infinite Earths, we’ll see her join Kara in recruiting the Kingdom Come version of Batman, played by famed voice actor Kevin Conroy.

While we don’t know all the details surrounding Conroy’s version of the Dark Knight, we’re also not sure if he’ll be the principle version of the character. But what if Kate recognises him, thinking he’s her cousin?

It makes sense that Kate would be the one to go to Bruce’s house in the first place. Given her history as Earth-1’s Bruce Wayne’s cousin, it’s likely she’ll appeal to Kingdom Come Batsy’s good side. Also, Sara might have experience with the moody type s she has romantic history with Oliver, but she wouldn’t know how to deal with Bruce the way Kate would have.

4. Wait, How Many Versions Of The Flash Is There?

third hour
[Credit: Comicbook]

The Arrowverse has never shyed away from different versions of the characters. We’ve seen different versions of the Black Canary and the Green Arrow. But what about The Flash?

Throughout the Arrowverse’s run, they’d had Reverse Flash (Eobard Thrawne), The Flash (Barry Allen of Earth-1), Jesse Quick/The Flash (Jesse Chambers Wells of Earth-2), Kid Flash (Wally West), The Flash (Iris West-Allen of Earth-1), The Flash (Jay Garrick of Earth-3) and The Flash (Barry Allen of Earth-90). Yeah, that’s a LOT of Flashes.

Wouldn’t be something if someone bought that up and Barry just gave that person an odd look? Yeah, just another of our random thoughts.

5. Will Ray Die During Crisis?

second hour
[Credit: Green Arrow TV]

It was announced sometime ago that Brandon Routh and Courtney Ford would be bowing out of Legends of Tomorrow as Ray Palmer and Nora Dahrk. The pair, who are married in real life, have been on the show for some time and are allegedly being written out of the series.

With Routh pulling double duty in Crisis on Infinite Earths as Ray and as Kingdom Come Superman, does this mean Ray will die? The actor is believed to have finished filming his scenes for the series.

People seem to think this is the way his characters in Crisis have been placed in the trailers. Kingdom Come Superman has appeared way more in promo material then Ray has. This has lead people to think that something happens to the original Atom. 

One rumor suggests that Ryan Choi, who is joining the Arrowverse could become the new Atom once Ray leaves. However, we just grasping at straws here. We’ll know more when the departure happens.

6. Kingdom Come Superman Almost Kills Arrowverse Superman

[Credit: Moviegasm]

One image that has dropped but was not included in the main promo material is Kingdom Come Superman with his hand around Arrowverse Superman’s throat. We think this takes place during when they meet. Does Kingdom Come Supes think Arrowverse Man of Steel is a threat? Will he try to kill his counterpart?

7. Do Clark And Iris Accidentally Stumble Upon Smallville Clark?

second hour; random thoughts
[Credit: Green Arrow TV]

We know from stills released that Clark, Iris and Lois end up meeting Tom Welling’s version of Clark Kent. But was it by accident. From reports, they are told to look for another Kryptonian to join them in saving the multiverse. However, we know it isn’t Kara as she’s already apart of the group selected by the Monitor. We know we’ll meet Kingdom Come Superman at some point, but where do Smallville Clark and Lois come in?

Something tells us that they stumble upon Smallville Clark as he won’t be in the crossover that much. We know there was one scene written, but it’s possible that another scene might have been filmed without a script. Jon Cryer who plays Lex Luthor mentioned there were unscripted scenes shot for his character so maybe they did the same with Smallville Clark.

8. Martian Manhunter’s Reaction To Mia

random thoughts
[Credit: Comic Book]

We know there’s going to be a scene between David Harewood and Katherine McNamara because the actress who plays Oliver and Felicity’s daughter posted a clip of their meeting to Twitter. Brainy’s in the shot too, but that’s not important. This might be just throwing out random thoughts here, but what if J’onn’s reaction mirrored Dig’s when he learned that Kara was an alien during Invasion? However, judging but the clip, J’onn is much more calm than Diggle was.

9. Kate Questions Bruce About Why He’d Stop Being Batman

[Credit: Entertainment Weekly]

We’re still not sure which Earth Kate and Kara are on when they run into Kevin Conroy’s Bruce Wayne. Though, we have a feeling that this version of the character looks like the Earth-1 version, better known as Kate’s cousin which explains how Kate and Bruce recognise each other. However, does she question him as to why he gave up being Batman?

We know from previous Arrowverse episodes that characters can have counterparts that don’t share the same name or motives and powers as them. For example, Earth-2 Barry Allen isn’t The Flash and his version of Iris isn’t a journalist. Also, the same Earth’s Caitlin is evil and has a brother while Earth-1 Caitlin is an only child as far as we know.

Another example is Jay Garrick who is the Earth-3 counterpart of Barry’s father, Henry. Let’s not forget that Earth-90’s Flash is also counterpart of Henry and Jay, but his name is Barry Allen.

If Kate does question the Conroy Bruce then it’s possible that it might give her a better idea of why her Bruce left Gotham.

10. Is Beth/Alice The Counterpart of Dinah Redmond?

random thoughts
[Credit: Birds of Prey Fandom]

To wrap up our random thoughts, we need to think about Alice. Yes, we’re talking about Kate’s evil twin sister. We know that she’s played by Rachel Skarsten who is a staple to The CW, having played Queen Elizabeth I in Reign. But did you know she was a part of the CW family well before it became The CW?

In 2002, Skarsten played Dinah Redmond, the daughter of the Black Canary, Carolyn Lance in the short-lived Birds of Prey which starred Ashley Scott as Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle’s daughter, Helena/Huntress.

We’ve known for a while that Ashley Scott will be returning to portray Helena, but there’s been no reference to her cohorts, Barbara Gordon/Oracle and Dinah joining her. That got us thinking, what if Dinah is the counterpart of Beth/Alice on another Earth? According to reports, Scott will appear in the third hour of Crisis on Infinite Earths, so the Flash episode. Perhaps there will be a reference to Dinah and Beth looking the same. Again, it depends on what Earth Helena is from.


We love our random thoughts, but we’re just spit balling and doubt our predictions will come true. This week is going to be so exciting and we cannot wait to talk to you guys about it! Be sure to tune in for Hour One! Until next post on Crisis on Infinite Earths!

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