Yoga Pose


However, I have a confession to make. I’m not actually a practitioner of yoga. Nor do I practice it. When I was writing for UpWork, the client I worked for had me writing a lot of ghostwritten articles on the subject. Also, my dad knew someone who’s friend owns a yoga studio in Melbourne so I was writing articles for her for a while.

I once wrote an article for a relaxation website, but it got rejected so I decided to post it here on my website. Below you will find a whole collection of articles on all different meditation practices and methods of relaxations that will keep you wanting to do that downward dog or that lotus flower pose.

It’s also a great way to centre your nerves and find your inner peace. Studies have shown that just doing a couple of minutes of yoga before you go to bed will assist in give you a better night’s sleep. While before bed relaxation techniques aren’t for everyone, if you want to give it go, read the articles below.

Yoga before bed

Add Yoga to your Everyday Routine: Yoga Before Bed

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