“Definitely not Teen Titans GO!”

Remember the Teen Titans? Well, they’re back but not in the way fans know. The US streaming service, DC Universe introduces Titans, a more adult and darker take on the superhero group.

Gritty and dark, the series showcases the most beloved sidekicks in DC Comics history and shows them as imperfect individuals trying to fit into a world they aren’t sure they belong in.

The series will introduce the characters of Hawk and Dove, the first Wonder Girl, Donna Troy and Jason Todd, the second Robin over the course of the first season. The group Doom Patrol will also appear with the group gaining their own spin-off sometime in 2019.

Titans has been renewed for a second season before the show started airing on October 12.

Dick Grayson has left Batman and is constantly haunted by the impact the Dark Knight still has on him. He’s still a vigilante but vows not to go down the same dark path as his adoptive father.

Rachel Roth is a teenage girl with a darkness brewing inside her. After her surrogate mother gets killed, Rachel finds herself teaming up with Detective Dick Grayson whom she recognises from dreams.

Kory Anders doesn’t remember who she is… literally. She wakes up in a car crash and doesn’t recall how she got there or who she is. With people after her, she teams up with Dick, Rachel, and Gar.

Gar Logan can transform into any animal he desires. He loves video games and loves being able to shapeshift into his favorite animal, the tiger. He teams up with Dick, Rachel, and Kory and they become Titans.

Titans airs on DC Universe.

Donna Troy

Donna Troy Makes Her Debut In ‘Titans’ And She Kicks Serious Ass

Titans has been full of twists and turns during its Freshman outing. We’ve been introduced to second Robin, Jason Todd (Curran Walters) and now the original Wonder Girl, Donna Troy (Conor Leslie) has made her Titans debut. In Donna Troy, the audience becomes acquainted with the former sidekick of Wonder Woman. We learn Donna is Diana’s adoptive daughter. Before adult Donna is introduced, a flashback shows Donna and Dick as teenagers. Donna plays the big sister role in Dick’s life and gives him a pep talk after he comes face-to-face with The Joker. He expresses his fear over what the villain is capable of. Donna tells him even Diana thinks The Joker is scary. She explains its natural to be afraid of things. In the Present Back in the present, Dick farewells the Titans. He tracks Donna and they chat. Later, Dick accompanies her to a gallery opening of her photography. He surprises people when he tells them he knows a lot about the subject. It’s clear Donna still has a close bond with Dick and is a big sister towards him. She challenges him, using the skills taught to her by Diana – who is her adoptive mother. Dick runs after her, joining in her teasing. Exploring The Friendship Between Donna Troy And Dick Grayson What makes Donna and Dick’s friendship special is we witness another side to Dick. He’s free to be himself and not a sidekick. Donna’s very much the same, but unlike Dick, she grew up where Diana loved her as her own child. Dick grew up where Bruce always challenged him to be something he wasn’t. Donna, being a skilled photographer, knows how to break a story that doesn’t involve getting someone hurt or killed. She uses her calmness and willingness to bring down poachers and other hoodlums. Donna Troy’s Backstory Despite her upbringing, it’s not clear whether Donna was born an Amazon. We know Diana is her adoptive mother. In most versions, Donna and Diana were sisters. Queen Hippolyta forged them both from clay. In other versions, Donna was created from a template of Diana to serve as her rival. So far, we haven’t met Donna’s future husband, Terry Long or her stepdaughter, Jennifer. It’s likely this will never happen since the Titans series will go in a different direction than the comics. Conclusion Donna’s journey in Titans is far from over. Her adventures have just begun and will be one hell of a ride. It will be awesome to see what her suit looks like as she mentions she has it stored away. Whether Donna will appear in next week’s episode, Hank and Dawn remains unclear. It’s likely we will as there are only a few episodes left until the season ends. We may see Donna more in the second season and we may get to view more of her relationship with Dick and the other Titans. Titans airs on DC Universe and the next episode, Hank and Dawn airs on December 7.