Writing for television isn’t for the fainthearted. Writing about anything related to the topic can often get under your skin. In saying this, it’s often difficult writing something original that people will actually read. Here  you will find all the articles that I have written in regards to television.

The Secret Marriage: How Much Did Ahsoka And Obi-Wan Know About Anakin And Padmé?

It became ambiguous with what Ahsoka Tano knew about Anakin Skywalker’s secret marriage to Padmé Amidala. Now, it seems we finally have an answer. In…


Coming In To Land: New ‘Krypton’ Featurette Explores Key Aspects To Upcoming SyFy Series

With just under two weeks to go before the release of of SyFy’s new series, Krypton, the good folks over at SyFy have unveiled a…

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