They say laughter is the key to making even the most sour of people smile. It can be spontaneous and it can be witty. It doesn’t matter because humor is humor. Laughter is the best thing out there to fix someone’s rotten day. Here you will find some of my random thoughts.

I have random moments when I think of something and I just have to get it down. Sometimes to type it out on my phone and send the note to my email. Sometimes I type it out on my laptop. Either way, it works. However, I still don’t think I’m very funny. In the articles below, you will find my (almost) funny ramblings.

Some you might find funny. Some you might find weird. But, it’s who I am. Deal with it, bruh!

Oh! So That’s Why! Why Cafés Offer Water With Your Coffee

I feel like the world’s biggest idiot! One Thursday after running around doing jobs for mum, I went to a café, like I would normally…


Why I’m Afraid Of Pineapples

Everybody has a fear of something. For some people, it’s spiders. Most other people, it’s clowns. For me, it’s *shudders* pineapples. It wasn’t always this…