For any writer, getting your name out there is huge deal! Ordinarily, the more this occurs, your name becomes exposed to the public and they come looking for you and your work. Moreover, you find your work will pay off just as long as you keep at it and keep getting your name out there.

Ordinarily, peek at the articles I write each time I appear some place outside of my website or my normal writing channels. Look ’em up!

Note taking

Featured: VistaPrint Note Taking Photo To Appear On VistaPrint Website

Well, it happened… again! I’ve been featured elsewhere on the internet! This time, a photo that I took of the notebook and notepad I ordered…

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#whereiwrite – Featured in the Australian Writers Centre weekly newsletter!

This is not your normal post.  Whoo! Onto the post! Ever gotten featured? Then you know the extraordinary feeling. Writers getting featured means people are…

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