Cassandra: What’s In A Name? – Legend Or Soap Opera


Every name has a meaning. It doesn’t matter if its common or uncommon. For me, my name, Cassandra, is of Greek origin and is the name of a priestess who served Apollo.

The Priestess

All my life I had no idea. Where my name came from. It wasn’t until I was old enough to look the meaning up, I realised there was more to my name than I thought. When I was about 16, I took a keen interest in  Ancient History. It was then I realised I was relatively good at the Greek Mythology.

After reading the Percy Jackson series, I decided to look at my name meaning. Little did I realise that the meaning of my name was sitting under my nose the entire time. My mum brought me and my sister name meaning wall hangings. I don’t know where mine is, but my sister’s one is hanging on her bedroom wall. So, here’s a version of the myth:

When I looked it up, I was rather surprised and rather shaken by the origin. In my search, I discovered there was a priestess named Cassandra who worshipped Apollo. Apollo was in love with Cassandra and gave her the power of prophecy. Other versions of the story say something else entirely. Anyway, to cut a really long story short, Cassandra got raped. Her abilities ended up getting dismissed because she always brought about bad luck.

Soap Opera Character

Okay. My mother and my paternal grandmother named me. My father had no say. Anyway, my mum named me after a friend of hers. She also had a list of names. She asked for my grandmother’s advice and she liked ‘Cassandra’. As it turned out, I, much like my father and uncle got named after a soap opera character. I can’t remember which one.

School Life

However, as it turns out, when I went to school there were other Cassandras in my class. In my grade 6 class, there were two Cassandras who were in the grade 5 – the grade below me. We were in a combined year 5-6 class. It was often a funny experience as we were all known as ‘Cassie’. Our teacher would often call our names and we’d all look up. She would have to tell us which one was the one she wanted to talk to.

Once I reached high school, it was the same issue. There was another Cassie who was much more popular than me. She was a dancer and often acted in the school musicals, another story for another day. She was also the one who became stage manager instead of me. Me and my big mouth. Again, another story.


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