Bye Bye, Creator! It’s Been Fun!

In July of 2017, I decided to push myself. I became sick of having no money. I decided to join the Movie Pilot community. Just a couple of months ago, came the announcement I had dreaded. Creator would shut down by the end of the year. As expected, it came as crushing news to my ears, especially when I had just started finding my feet on the site. I had racked up just over 9k reads on my articles. That’s not much considering some of the website’s established writers had MILLIONS of reads. However, 9k was massive for me.

I tried to apply for verification. Although, a couple of my articles were promoted so that’s excellent in my eyes. Also, a top tip of theirs was to be able to write in the different formats they had in place. My top format was the listicle. While that didn’t worry me, it was only a matter of time before I learned something new from this entirely new experience.

Guess what? I did learn something! I learned so much in terms of standard formatting that I have incorporated these skills into articles I now write for Medium. The best part is I have also gone out of my way to rewrite a number of my Creator articles for my own Medium publication. We’ll get onto the publication in a later post.

I rewrote a number of my Creator articles because of how terribly written they were.  It appears, I’m learning as I go basically. In my defense for the terribly written articles, I have only been writing non-fictional material for just over a year. In other words, the process is still new and raw to me. It’s a massive learning curve for me to learn something new from all of this.

With Creator shutting down, I’m saddened to see a life-changing experience disappear. However, it’s the circle of life and I wish the Creator team the best of luck in their endeavors.



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