How A Good Café And A Good Cup Of Coffee Can Increase Your Creativity

You’re not a writer if you don’t drink coffee – said anyone ever! Where do you often find your inspiration? Do you go to the library where it’s quiet? Do you often find yourself thinking about creativity and how you seem limited by your imagination? To be truthful with you, I do. I’m consistently trying to find new ways to inspire myself. It’s not an easy trek in any way, shape or form. As a writer, I have found I am more productive on Thursday mornings when I go to one of my local cafés. I often write an article or a scene or two from a story I hope will someday become my debut novel. Ironic, right?

Now, onto the reason I am writing this post. I wanted to write this to encourage writers to take their local cafés into consideration. You might be surprised as to how effective a good cup of joe and a good café is for your creativity. This post will explore finding the right café for you and how just looking at the walls will inspire.

Creativity And Finding The Right Cafés For You


Nothing says a good café then a good a latté or a cappuccino or whatever coffee blend if your favourite. Coffee and cafés are both great for creativity. Some of the world’s bestselling novels were thought up in cafés in different places around the world. Regardless if you’re a songwriter, novelist or content writer, coffee and a café is exactly what you need if you want to increase your creativity.

Depending on the café you go to, creativity and inspiration can easily come out of hiding when you’re in the right head space. I have gathered a few tips to help your creativity emerge.

• Before you can even start writing, find a café or a few cafés that suit you. You need be able to feel comfortable with your surroundings.
• Once you have selected the lucky café(s), you need to a place within the café where you can work without distraction. Depending on the seating arrangement, the best place to seat is in a corner or in a booth far away from other people. I would also recommend sitting on couches or armchairs if the café has them.
• If you need a quick burst of inspiration, look at the walls of your location. Various cafés will have artwork and quotes of inspiration on their walls to give their location personality and presentation.
• If you go to a certain café frequently enough, the staff will come to know you and offer you discounts on your coffee.

If The Walls Could Talk: Inspiration And Coffee

Fans of Gilmore Girls will know of Rory and Lorelai Gilmore are coffee addicts. Coffeehouses and cafés have endless possibilities to help inspire your latest writing project. But first, here’s a quote from Lorelai Gilmore:

“I need caffeine. Whatever form you’ve got. I haven’t had any all day. I’ll drink it, shoot it, eat it, snort it, whatever form it’s in. Gimme!”

We aren’t talking about the Gilmore Girls. We’re now talking about how the walls and coffee can inspire. In one of my new favourite coffeehouses, there’s a quote on the wall that says:

“I need coffee on days ending in ‘Y’.”

Understand the joke? No? Okay.

If you need inspiration for say… your main character’s favourite drink or food, take a look at the menu. Or look around at things your fellow customers are ordering. Any combination of food might spark the creative juices to spill. If you’re looking for character inspiration, look around at the people in your chosen location. Look at what they’re drinking and their facial features. It might inspire the way your character uses their faces. Watching your fellow customers will make it easier to write descriptions for people.


In conclusion, having a place to write that is not your home or office is key to writing your ‘baby’. Regardless if you use a tablet computer, laptop or hand write your project. Using your chosen writing space and the elements around you will make you a far better writer. In saying this, using your surroundings as inspiration is key to broadening your descriptive horizons.



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